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Spot on tactics pay off with 10 carp including 8 x 30’s to 37lbs for a lovely family fishing holiday.

This week we welcomed back brother and sister Maurice & Nathalie along with their parents for their 2nd visit to the venue. Maurice is a skilled and experienced carp angler and has a lot of passion for the sport. Nathalie also loves her fishing and takes a more relaxed approach to the sport. Dad also day fishes for carp while mum relaxes. They are a delightful family and after a very long drive from Holland they were very happy to stretch their legs and enjoy the tour.

New PB for Nathalie!

We called in to see them on Monday and Nathalie was beaming from ear to ear as she had not only caught the first carp but she’d bagged Dink at 37lbs and her new PB! It was so heavy that she couldn’t lift it so Maurice did the honours and they got some nice photos during the very early hours of the morning.

The big carp was tricked into picking up one of our 24mm Shrimp & Crayfish boilies that Nathalie had carefully dropped underneath the fir tree on Saturday. Confident that her classic mono stiff rig would do the business, she left it in place for 36hrs and just topped up the spot with bait. Poor Dink got a dose of the munchies and he couldn’t resist…. great angling Nathalie!

Chasing the fish

After Saturday, the temperatures shot up and it was 28 degrees by Monday. Great for sun bathing, not so good for fishing and no other fish had been caught. By Tuesday the temps started to drop and the guys had already pre-planned a move over to the Big double, Island point and the Bridge swim. It wasn’t long before Maurice was into his first carp and by Wednesday he’d racked up 3 carp, a 34lb mirror, a 33lb mirror and a 29lb common… nice work ! Dad had also got in on the action and banked himself a 30lb common. Good stuff!

Maurice with Galaxy at 34lbs
Maurice with Galaxy at 34lbs

Bait and rigs

The guys mainly used our Shrimp & Crayfish baits but also some other freezer baits as freebies. For rigs, they put their faith in our handmade rigs as well as a few of their own. The double bottom bait Slip-D rig was a particular favourite as I had to make some more during the session!

Leen with a 30lb common
Leen with a 30lb common

What was also interesting was the choice of lead system. Nathalie was using a lead system made by Synergy. It’s a highly engineered solution that creates exactly the same effect as the Beausoleil rig. If I find any more information about these I will post a link to them. Maurice was using his own hybrid solution with a Korda COG lead system but set up as running lead so that you get max impact from the centre of the lead but then it converts to a running rig so they can’t swing the hook out. It’s a bit fiddly to make it work but very effective!

Nathalie with the Duchess at 31lbs 4oz
Nathalie with the Duchess at 31lbs 4oz

Mobility is key

With a big swing in weather conditions the carp were very mobile and the guys knew that if they wanted to continue to catch they were going to have to chase them. That’s exactly what they did and it paid off well.

Maurice nicked another mid thirty or two from the point swims and Nathalie banked a brace of low thirties from Home swim. As always effort equals reward … top angling!

Nathalie with her new PB at 37lbs 5oz

Catch report & Feedback from:

Nathalie & family
Dates at Beausoleil: 5th to the 12th of May 2018
Number of anglers: 3

Brief details of your catches:

7 x Mirror Carp: 37lbs 5oz, 35lbs, 34lbs, 33lbs, 32lb, 31lbs 5oz, 27lbs 6oz
3 x Common Carp: 32lbs, 30lbs, 29lbs 4oz
1 x Sturgeon: 20lbs 5oz
7 x kittens (now removed)
1 x 7lb carp

What did you find were the best swims/tactics/baits?

Every day looking where the fish are, so you must travel along with them

How was the weather?

Very hot at the beginning, 3 days less hot

How did you find the accommodation?


What could we do to improve your holiday?

A shower without the bath

Would you recommend our venue to a friend?


General comments

A great holiday, we will be back next year. Matt and Irene, thanks for everything.

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