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This winter we’ve sourced some virgin Royale carp to further enhance our already incredible stock of 30’s!

Here at Beausoleil, we value the way a carp looks just as much as the lbs and ounces so this year we have introduced some new blood to the lake. The original stock of the lake came from the famous La Horre and many of the originals still reside at Beausoleil. Two years ago we boosted the stock levels from a local fish farmer and this year we are introducing the Royale strain to Beausoleil. The Royale strain of carp is considered, by some, to be the best looking of all the strains. They are known for having big shoulders and a relative straight back which create a very solid, box like frame. Scales are generally large and distinctive and colours range from golden yellows to deep chestnut tones.

new carp added to the lake

These specimens have been handpicked for their looks as much as their growth potential. After being raised and graded, they have spent all their lives feeding on naturals in very large lakes with a low biomass (these are definitely not pellet raised aquatic pigs!). They have never been fished for and as such are in near perfect condition. We will be feeding the new and existing carp stock on loads of our new baits prior to the season opening and will keep any testing fishing to a minimum to ensure that the stock gets the best start they can in their new home.

The new carp have been stocked at weights ranging from 29lbs to 33lbs and by the time the 2016 season opens we are confident that all the carp will be into the low 30’s. Whatever the weights, we are confident that our guests will thoroughly enjoy seeing one of these in the cradle! Cheers, Matt.

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