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A cracking week’s carp & cat fishing with 8 x 30’s to 39lbs and cats to 88lbs!

This week we welcomed back two good friends that have been coming to Beausoleil regularly for the last few years. Like many people, Andy & Dan work hard all year and can’t wait for their annual fix of fishing heaven. They take their fishing very seriously and live out on the bank for the entire session, hardly using the house at all! Andy was first out of the blocks with a small cat of 35lbs and followed that with a nice common of 33lbs 8oz. I called into to see them on Monday and we had a good chat as always about the session. What was interesting was that Andy’s a big fan of the Beausoleil rig and knew from the tell tail that he’d been done at least twice by those sneaky carp. Having experienced the same thing myself in March, I suggested having a go with a few different rig options, one of them being a simple mono stiff rig as young Lennon had done exceedingly well the week before on them. Andy and Dan weren’t very familiar with the rig so I tied up a few for them. It was Andy that chose to fish with the simple mono stiff rig and had a 30lb mirror followed by one of the real gems of the venue, Pepe, the big common at 38lbs on it. He’s very good at doing rigs but such a sight to behold in the cradle! Ren and I were fortunate enough to be on site when Pepe slipped up and it was such a pleasure for us to see him again.

With young Lennon’s rig looking so promising, I suggested a rig change for Dan who’d got off the mark with a new PB catfish of 88lbs but really wanted to bank a 30 or two! On Wednesday, Dan was busy barrowing round his gear from Island point to Point A. He’d heard plenty of carp boshing round the other side and knew from some test baiting and scraping that they were on the munch. Rigs tied and hooks sharpened, Dan had a 32lb 8oz mirror within twenty minutes! He’d been chasing his first Beausoleil 30 for the last two years so he was really buzzing with this one. Beausoleil then showed Dan exactly how many gems it has for the angler that gets it right… over the next two days Dan had a hat trick of 30’s, banking seven in total, the smallest being 27lbs! All carp fell for single Nutty Banoffee over a scattering of bait. We really are so happy for you mate… brilliant work!

To keep things social, Andy moved round too into point C. Andy was already over the moon with his captures thus far but his week was not over. One of the things that we, and many of our regular customer,s love about Beausoleil is its ability to surprise! Andy’s next carp was Hyphen at a solid 39lbs! As usual Saturday came round too quickly and I knew from the smirk on Andy’s face when I met him at the gate that they’d had a good week. Another giveaway was his refusal to tell me how they’d finished just saying “you’ll have to read the report” …. Well boys, we read the report and you did bloody well! And thanks for booking again with us for 2017, same time, same place!

Catch report & Feedback from:

Andy & Dan
Dates at Beausoleil: 9th to 16th April 2016
Number of anglers: 2

Brief details of your catches:

16 fish in total
9x Mirror carp: 39lbs, 33lbs 12oz, 32lbs 8oz, 31lbs, 30lbs, 30lbs, 27lbs 8oz, 27lbs, 26lbs
3x Common carp: 38lbs, 33lbs 8oz, 27lbs
4x Catfish: 88lbs, 77lbs, 66lbs, 35lbs 8oz

What did you find were the best swims/tactics/baits?

Big Double, Points A & C. Nutty Banoffee, Blue Oyster, Shrimp & Cray accounted for all fish; some as single and some with tipped hook baits. Spread baiting worked well.

How was the weather?

Light rain and bright sun

How did you find the accommodation?

Perfect as always

What could we do to improve your holiday?

Nothing at all, great place, great hosts!

Would you recommend our venue to a friend?

Every time!

General comments

This place never disappoints, we'll be back!!

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