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The week of 7 September 2024 is now available

A record-breaking week’s fishing at our exclusive venue  with 37 fish caught including 14 x 30’s and some massive cats!

This week we welcomed Neil and his friends to the venue. Although it was their first trip to our exclusive lake,  they have fished in France quite a few times and were familiar with a range of different venues. Dave was the novice of the group and it was his first trip to France. Dave has only been carp fishing for 2 years so this was going to be a big step up for him. After blanking the first night while everyone else caught, his confidence took a knock but as always the nerves were settled with the capture of his first fish in the form of a 60lb + catfish! Dave went on to catch seven in total: 5 cats and a couple of mid 30’s. He broke his PB on multiple occasions and went home a very happy man! Steve has been fishing in France many times and this showed with a fabulous catch report of 8 carp in total including 6 x 30’s. Steve did very well using a trimmed down white popup presented in the shallows.


Jay took the honours with the biggest carp of the week at 39lbs (The Football) and biggest Catfish at 90lbs. Needless to say Jay was buzzing with the result. Neil was top rod for the week with an incredible catch of 18 carp including 4 x 30’s . This is very close to the highest number of fish landed in one week by an individual angler. The record stands at nineteen and is held by 2 anglers.


With 37 fish landed in total this is a new record for 4 anglers. The previous record is 36 fish between 3 anglers from last August. An incredible result for any group, let alone a group on their first visit to the venue. I can’t really put my finger on whether the lads were doing anything particularly different in order to catch so many fish. Simple rigs, quality fresh Blue Oyster bait and house pellet, and an effective baiting strategy. Simple stuff really. As always the guys got smashed a few times by some of our angrier catfish but losses were low compared to some weeks. If this was the only catch report that you’d read for our venue, you’d easily be forgiven for thinking that Beausoleil is an easy venue. It isn’t, it’s totally possible to blank if the conditions are tough or you make the wrong decisions (I know, I have!). Weather is everything in carp fishing and it was fabulous for April with temperatures hitting 26 degrees. It’s very exciting for us to see results like this as it just shows what the venue is capable of producing. We have no intention of making Beausoleil into a runs water. Our aim is to continue to carefully manage stock levels to achieve optimum growth rates for our fabulous collection of specimen carp and catfish. A massive well done to the boys. It was great to meet them and I’m sure we’ll see them again in the future.


Catch report & Feedback from:

Neil, Steve, Jay and Dave
Dates at Beausoleil: 11th to 18th April
Number of anglers: 4

Brief details of your catches:

37 fish
27 x Mirror Carp: 39lbs, 37lbs, 37lbs, 36lbs 6oz, 36lbs, 35lbs, 34lbs 4oz, 34lbs, 33lbs 4oz, 33lbs, 33lbs, 32lbs, 30lbs 10oz, 30lbs 4oz, 12 carp between 26lbs and 29lbs and 19lbs 8oz
3 x Common Carp: 28lbs 2oz, 28lbs, 26lbs
7 x Catfish: 90lbs, 80lbs, 68lbs, 63lbs, 53lbs, 53lbs, 50lbs

What did you find were the best swims/tactics/baits?

Channel B, Island Point,Point A and B. Spread of bait for carp (don't over feed),pop ups and bottom baits, at least 1 kilo of bait for cats.

How was the weather?

22-26 sunny, light breeze

How did you find the accommodation?

Great! Smart and very clean.

What could we do to improve your holiday?

1 or 2 fifties to go for Matt!!! Everything is perfect for a week's fishing.

Would you recommend our venue to a friend?

100% yes.

General comments

This place was 10 times better than others, Matt and Ren are great owners and they put every effort into making this a great fishing holiday location. Hope you enjoyed looking at our 37pics of your new lake record!

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