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The week of 7 September 2024 is now available

Another lady carper makes the headlines this week with Lucy leading the way at our exclusive venue: 3 x 30’s and a new lake record!

As with many male dominated sports, it’s taken a while for girls to get into carp fishing but watch out boys because they have all the skills necessary to bank some stunning carp! Our venue is popular with this growing market as we have a level of accommodation which meets with the ladies’ approval, and the excitement of fishing for proper sized specimens in stunning surroundings. Last week we welcomed two lady carpers, Loes and Kim back to the venue, and this week we welcomed back Lucy and her friends. Lucy’s mad about her carp fishing and is methodical and disciplined in her approach. She ties all her own rigs and uses a bait boat to get them exactly where she wants them. She also holds carp up to the camera for the trophy shot like a pro displaying no sign of physical effort whatsoever. It’s a real skill that takes time and practice to master with good sized carp too! Her best carp of the week weighed in at 34lbs in the shapely form of one of Nicki. At 34lbs this is the largest common carp to be caught by a lady angler by some margin so entitles her to a lake record! With her tally of 3 x 30lb + carp this equals the very best session by any lady carper ever so she really did very well. Lucy also very nearly landed a monster catfish too but the mainline failed while the guys tried to glove the beast so we’ll never know just how big it was.

four anglers carp fishing in france in may

Talking of catfish, Allen who caught our first 100lb catfish last year was part of the original group but was unable to return for 2015. He was ably replaced by Khrys who’d be embarking on his very first carp fishing trip to France! Andrew is the most experience angler of the group and a great coach too. It was great to know that he was to take time out of his own personal fishing to make sure that Khrys’s rigs and setup were all safe. Andrew was determined to give Khrys the best chance of picking up an early carp and by Sunday morning it was smiles all round as he’d helped him bank a new PB of 28lbs! I had a lovely chat with Khrys on Tuesday and showed him how to tie up the Beausoleil rig and sharpen a hook properly. He ended up with the largest carp of the week at 38lb so went home an exceptionally happy man! Andrew did find some time to concentrate on his own fishing and banked the sturgeon (which he’d always wanted to catch), a big catfish and some nice carp. No 30’s this year for Andrew which was a shame but he had a lovely brace of mid 30’s last year. Last but by no means least is the lovely Tom, boyfriend of Lucy, and just as passionate about his carp fishing. After struggling to get in on the action until the very end of the holiday last year, Tom got off to an absolute flyer when he nailed a cast from the new home swim over to the fir tree by the bridge. It was so good it was nearly a leaf clipper apparently! Him and Andrew had seen a number of carp show in the area and despite being tired from the journey couldn’t resist getting a rod out among them. Good job he did too as 10 minutes later he was cradling a cracking 32lb mirror! The guys have great enthusiasm for the venue and it was great to chat to them about their trip next year and we can’t wait to see them again. Fantastic work guys, so glad you had another successful session!

Catch report & Feedback from:

Andy, Lucy, Melv and Tom
Dates at Beausoleil: 25th April to 2nd May
Number of anglers: 4

Brief details of your catches:

18 fish
11 x Mirror carp: 38lbs, 4 x 32lbs, 2 x 31lbs, 29lbs, 28lbs, 26lbs, 24lbs
5 x Common carp: 34lbs, 29lbs, 24lbs, 22lbs, 19lbs
1 x Catfish: 68lbs
1 x Sturgeon: 18lbs

What did you find were the best swims/tactics/baits?

Snowman, single washed out Blue Oyster boilies. Snake bank and sluice bush produced well.

How was the weather?

Mixed weather but mainly rainy.

How did you find the accommodation?

It was excellent, so cosy and homely.

What could we do to improve your holiday?

Because it was quite rainy, another clothes horse would be amazing to help dry clothes!
(Note from Ren: both you and Loes last week said the same thing!! definitely on the list!)

Would you recommend our venue to a friend?

Yes, it is a great venue, so tranquil.

General comments

Matt and Irene, you're such kind, caring, lovable people. You've put so much love into this place and it really shows. It's amazing being back, smashing previous PBs and getting a lake record (Lucy)! Going to miss this lovely place, until next year!!

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