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Our exclusive carp fishing venue and accommodation provide a good week’s fishing for these first time visitors to the lake.

This week we welcomed another new family to the venue. Tina loved the house and waited on the boys hand and foot, bless her (I even got sandwiches during my mid week visit!). The fishing was a bit tricky this week but everyone went home very happy with multiple PB’s. Andrew really wanted to bank one of our big cats but even with 30lb mainline they still got the better of him. He did manage a 52lb cat though which really made his week and had 4 very nice carp all of which beat his previous PB. His Dad Martin wanted to stay in home swim for the week to be close to his wife Tina who stayed in the house. He did have a brace of low thirties which he was very happy with but couldn’t really get them going at all. Bernie struggled a bit. Although a very experienced match angler, the old carp fishing game was all a bit new to him and he had a bit of a mountain to climb. He did catch one carp though but it was possibly the smallest in the lake! I spent some time with the guys midweek helping them on various aspects and I know that they really appreciated the efforts. They all learnt loads and they will be most welcome if they come back as they’re a lovely family.

Andew and family carp fishing in france

Catch report & Feedback from:

Andrew & family
Dates at Beausoleil: 13th to 20th September 2014
3 anglers

Brief details of your catches:

4 x Mirror Carp to 34lbs
4 x Common Carp to 32lbs
1 x Catfish: 52lbs

What did you find were the best swims/tactics/baits?

All baits worked, Blue Oyster boilies were the most productive plus pellets.

How was the weather?

Beautiful until Friday with thunder storms until midday!

How did you find the accommodation?

Superb, clean, everything that you needed, plenty of hot water, kitchen fab and beautiful.

What could we do to improve your holiday?

Nothing, you did everything you needed for us all, thank you.

Would you recommend our venue to a friend?

Yes of course.

General comments

Matt & Irène, you are both lovely people, it was a pleasure to meet you both. Big thanks to Matt for his help on Tuesday, it was very helpful. Matt spends time and effort with every angler, please listen, you will learn.

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