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We are very much looking forward to many anglers catching the fish of a lifetime at Beausoleil again this year. The lake is looking as good as ever and I just wanted to share a few thoughts for those of you coming this year.

New fish

It’s been 6 years since we stocked any new carp at the lake and it was great to be able to introduce some new blood to the venue. We’ve stocked seven carp from 25lbs to 30lbs. They are from the same Czech/Romanian strain that we introduced in 2017/2018 that have done very well for us. Some of these carp are now mid and upper 40s so we know they like it here!

These carp are from exactly the same source as before and are virgin fish (i.e. they have not been fished for before) which means they are in absolutely mint condition. Three of these carp have been caught already on the Scopex Squid so it didn’t take them long to realise how tasty and nutritious that bait is! You can see more of these beautiful additions on this video.


As some of you may have noticed, Nash has introduced two new monos for the 2024 season, Armourline and Skyline. The Skyline is not relevant to the type of fishing we do here but the Armourline is of particular interest as it’s available in a 25lb (0.45) version. Based on the huge amount of knot testing work that we’ve done over the years, we know that diameter is everything when it comes to knot strength so to have a well known carp brand add a 0.45 mono to the range is excellent news for us.

I have not yet had the opportunity to test this line yet but obviously I will at the earliest opportunity and I’ll be sharing the results. If you are booked on with us this year  and are interested in trying this line during your session, then please feel free to buy some and bring it with you.

Avoid catfish (large or small)

Despite our biannual drain down policy where we remove the small catfish from the lake, we can’t get all of them out. We understand that this is not ideal and do our utmost to remove as many as possible but if you have big catfish in a lake, then you’ll have small catfish. It’s just the way it is.

My best advice to any anglers that want to avoid catching catfish of any size is to avoid using boilies of any size or type, use tiger nuts for hookbaits, and use a mix of Nash particles, sweetcorn and the house veggie carp pellets to bulk out the mix. Please remember that only particles bought on site are allowed to be used and we limit the quantity of tiger nuts to one small pot per angler.

Even by switching entirely over to a vegetarian mix, I would advise you to spread the mix over a wider area. Small catfish love nothing more than a nice tight pile of bait (even if it’s a veggie mix). If you want to use the Scopex Squid and avoid the catfish, I would stick to boilies only (no flake or pellets) and bait in long lines or over a wide area. A light sprinkling of oily hemp over the top of an area dotted with individual baits is a more advanced strategy that can also work well.

Tight lines 🎣

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