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This winter we’ve added twenty two stunning new mirror carp to the venue ranging from 17 to 34lbs!

We are delighted to announce the arrival of some truly stunning new residents to the venue. These fish have been sourced from a local highly respected fishery. We were very lucky to be invited to the netting of the lake where I helped select a quantity of fish to be moved to a large stock pond for final selection.

choosing new carp stock

We were then offered first choice of the mirror carp from the stock pond for final delivery. It was great to be involved in the process from start to finish and I really enjoyed my two days working hand in hand with the fishery management team.

new carp stock

The carp have been fished for before (although in a much larger lake) but I checked the mouths of each fish and rejected any that were damaged. We have taken a range of weights from 17lbs upwards. Ideally I didn’t want anything smaller than 10kg (22lbs) but there were a couple of the upper doubles that were so stunning I couldn’t resist! Seven of the carp will be 30lbs or more before the session starts with the largest hitting the 34lb mark already. In fact I caught the newly named Zeppelin on the very first night of my first session of 2014!

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