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Fish care is our no. 1 priority and we want our visitors to have the very best kit available for their holiday!

This winter we’ve added several new pieces of equipment for the welfare of our fish and our guests. First, I commissioned my father to make some bespoke weighing equipment for the venue. Although my dad is no angler, he is a very good engineer and still spends many hours in his miniature tool room in the garden creating all sorts of wonderful devices.

For Beausoleil, he has made a two man catfish weigh bar and a heavy duty weigh crook that will lift anything! These beautifully machined pieces are made from a combination of aluminium, bronze and stainless steel and I’m sure that our visitors will enjoy using them for many years to come.

new weighing equipment added to the fishery

In addition to these bespoke pieces, we have also added:

  • Two new monster carp cradles from Nash
  • Four new XL retainers slings from Tracker
  • 2nd set of Reuben Heaton specimen hunter scales rated to 120lbs, so that they can be used for both carp and catfish.
  • A Nash weighing tripod that’s rated to 200lbs.

It was a pleasure to test all the gear over the winter and I’m very happy with the additions we’ve made.

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