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Steve & Jane enjoy a two week holiday mixing the thrills of the Moto GP with fishing and luxury accommodation at our exclusive carp lake.

For the last two weeks, angler and wife Steve and Jane have been enjoying the charms of our lake and accommodation. They are both big fans of the MotoGP and with Le Mans being just an hour away they spent most of the middle weekend soaking the high octane atmosphere. Steve is a very experienced and competent angler but it’s not all about the fishing. For them, Beausoleil is where they come for a very relaxing and stress free time in total privacy and tranquillity. If you’ve visited us, you know that once the gates are closed you’re in a magical world! Steve works hard at his fishing but doesn’t night fish or the days! Steve’s technique centres on fishing at the prime times of dawn and dusk and resting the swim the rest of the time. The weather was perfect for holidaying but less so for carp fishing to start with and Steve moved a few times before he started to pick up fish regularly. Beausoleil is very much a venue where swim choice is essential:  find fish catch fish! Considering the actual number of rod hours, Steve’s results are remarkable. Some of his short sessions were only 1.5hrs! It just goes to show what can be achieved with a mobile approach and good water craft. Steve and Jane are delightful and we thoroughly enjoy welcoming them each year. Jane is a keen and very competent photographer too and she very much enjoyed chasing the cows and kingfishers with her camera!

exclusive carp fishing holidays at beausoleil

Catch report & Feedback from:

Steve & Jane
Dates at Beausoleil: 10th to the 24th May 2014
1 angler, no nights

Brief details of your catches:

Total no. of fish: 13 including 6 x 30’s
4 x Common Carp: 32lbs 3oz, 32lbs 1oz, 28lbs 8oz, 26lbs
7 x Mirror Carp: 36lbs, 34lbs 2oz, 32lbs 14oz, 30lbs 9oz, 27lbs, 25lbs, 22lbs 14oz
2 x Catfish: 60lbs 12oz, 68lbs

What did you find were the best swims/tactics/baits?

Most swims produced fish but Home swim produced the most. I used a combination of hinged stiff rigs with a 15mm pop and shorted coated braid hooklinks in the shallows with a snowman presentation. Bait was Shellfish b5.

How was the weather?

Very warm and clear with high pressure and a NE wind for a good portion of the first week then the wind swung SW and the conditions became more favourable.

How did you find the accommodation?

Excellent, perfect for us with everything that we needed.

What could we do to improve your holiday?


Would you recommend our venue to a friend?


General comments

Fishing was a bit tricky with high pressure and adverse wind conditions. Oxygen levels were down too but things picked up on the last day which produced 3 carp. We had a great time... thank you!

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