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A relaxing fishing holiday with friends with 12 x carp to 33lbs 8oz, a catfish of 84lbs and 2 x sturgeon

This week we welcomed a great group of friends to the venue for the first time. Party leader Iain had really done his homework and when we finally met it felt like meeting an old friend as we’d talked via various channels regularly! Chris is a France veteran and has done in excess of 20 sessions over here. Richard is a highly skilled course angler but carp fishing was very new to him and Mark was a complete angling novice up for new experiences!

A good start… stopped

On Monday I learned that Sammy had been busy making mistakes for Richard and Mark. Chris had banked a nice upper twenty and a big cat of 84lbs and Iain had yet to have any action. For a new group using their own bait and rigs this was a good start. After sharing a few pointers, I left the guys to it. When I returned on Wednesday, I was expecting reports of more captures but very little had happened. In fact, apart from one kitten nothing of note had been out!

Steve 84 pound catfish france

Chris was totally unfazed by the lack of runs and as he was basically in charge of six rods with Mark as his apprentice.

Richard was in prime position in the Big Double and should have been getting among the carp but the carp fishing that we offer here was totally alien to him by his own admission and he was having difficulty getting to grips with the place. He was having fun catching roach though on a centre pin. I offered what assistance I could but he wasn’t confident fishing in the manner I suggested at the range where the carp were catchable.

Mark with a 27lbs 8oz common

Totally smashed

Iain had had the best chance of banking a big cat during this quiet period. He was fishing the Island point swim, tight to the margin, when a very large catfish decided to suck up his rig. Iain is an experienced carp angler with a PB carp of 30lbs and had caught catfish to 20lbs. He is well organised and diligent in his approach but nothing had prepared him for the insanity of one of our cats.

He was spooled up with the 25lb Big Game on good quality Big Pit Shimano reels and 3.5lbs rods but was totally under gunned for a big cat! With adrenaline levels through the roof and the catfish ripping line at will from an already tight clutch, Iain felt powerless against it. At one point he literally got hauled across the gravel, with the stones spitting out from under his feet.  The cat was to his right and getting close to Richard’s lines in the Big Double.

At this point Iain made the fateful decision to lock up the clutch to the max, believing that he could stop and turn it before it reached Richard….With an almighty crack the line parted at the roller on the reel and left Iain staring in disbelief at what had happened. Note to self: you cannot stop a catfish that wants to run! Hindsight is always 20 x 20!

Beausoleil set up tutorial

If you’re coming soon, don’t forget to book your Beausoleil set up tutorial to maximise your chances from day one.

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Feel the emotion

Following the disappointment of losing the big cat, I suggested a few more changes for Iain and with the change in the weather he banked what he’d come for: a new PB of 33lbs 8oz in the shape of Galaxy! It was an emotional experience for Iain. Catching a carp should make you feel something. He did and he loved it! Iain banked another mint common from the same spot before the week ended which was great to see. Very well done mate, you worked for your fish and it paid off.

Iain with Galaxy at 33lbs 8oz

A change in weather

On Thursday a drop in air pressure brought some clouds and rain and Chris was perfectly poised to capitalise on the change in conditions. It takes a great deal of experience over many years at a variety on challenging venues to have the confidence to stick to the plan, even when nothing is happening for a few days, confident in the knowledge that when conditions are right you will catch!

Chris with multiple carp in france on his fishing holiday

Chris took the whole session in his stride. He applied the venue specific tips and tricks I shared with him and on Thursday he had a red letter day banking 6 carp including a brace of low thirties mostly from one spot that he’d found (it’s one of my favourites too!). It was great to see.

Beausoleil is a challenging and technical venue and at times it can be tough but get it right at the right times and you can have a field day! As he was effectively fishing for Mark as well Mark got to experience what this carp fishing business was about and banked a couple of nice specimens. Big congratulations to Chris as it’s rather rare that an angler gets it this right on their first trip to the place.

A note for future visitors

On reflection Iain told me he regretted not booking me for a tutorial & set up session at the start of the week which he now knew would have paid off massively in terms of results. A day session with me only costs €140 for the group and if you really want to get the max from the session then 24hrs is only €200. I’ve done plenty of sessions over the last couple of years, even with repeat customers that already know how technical the lake is. We recommend all new groups to book a day session as a minimum. I personally guarantee you will learn loads and catch quicker… sometimes within minutes!

Catch report & Feedback from:

Iain, Richard, Chris & Mark
Dates at Beausoleil: 18th to the 25th August 2018
Number of anglers: 4

Brief details of your catches:

15 fish in total
9 x Mirror Carp: 33lbs 8oz, 31lbs 8oz, 31lbs 8oz, 27lbs 10oz, 26lbs, 25lbs, 24lbs 8oz, 24lbs, 24lbs
3 x Common Carp: 28lbs 5oz, 27lbs 8oz, 24lbs 8oz,
1 x Catfish: 84lbs 8oz
2 x Sturgeon: 23lbs, 22lbs 8oz

2 x small catfish: 5 - 10lb
3 x small carp: 6 - 9lbs
A bag of roach

What did you find were the best swims/tactics/baits?

Chris & Mark: 6 rods off the point swims all rowed out to fine gravel marks
Iain: 2 rods to the island margin from the channel swim bait boated under fir tree
Richard: 2 rods from big double and a float rod

How was the weather?

Sat to Weds: warm & sunny
Thurs to Fri: cloudy rain and low pressure

How did you find the accommodation?

Everything to back up being bivvied up for the week. Wi-Fi very good.

Would you recommend our venue to a friend?

Yes, to proficient anglers

General comments

After a relatively slow start during the sunny weather the lake switched on Thursday fishing the same spots (bait and rigs bait boated or rowed out). The lake rewards efforts and application but the weather appears to be key at this time of year. A challenging but enjoyable week at a very picturesque venue. Matt & Ren – warm, welcoming hosts – Thank you!

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