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The week of 7 September 2024 is now available

A great week’s fishing for these two friends with carp to 39lbs and cats to 100lbs

A few weeks ago, Ian took the opportunity of a July slot that had opened up due to the virus crisis to have another crack at Beausoleil. He last came in 2018 and already had some idea of the work required to get to know the intricacies of the lake. Bobby was on his second fishing trip to France and was looking forward to beating his PB of 17lbs.

Of course, after I said that he’d be unlucky to bank anything smaller than 17lbs, that’s exactly what happened as his first take on the first night resulted in one of our home grown commons 4oz short of his PB! Bobby stayed in Point A  for another couple of days but as he didn’t get any more takes, made the right decision and moved to the Big Double.

Then, as he started to find some productive spots, things started to happen for him and he finally smashed his PB with a lovely 32lb mirror. Bobby managed quite a few takes from the Big double and went on to bank 3 more carp, the sturgeon twice and to top it off, a massive cat of about 90lbs. Job done!

Ian had a pretty tough start to his week. On the first night, sharing the Point swims with Bobby, he was smashed up by two big cats when his reel locked solid and then lost another at the gloving stage. These fish are very powerful and you need proper quality gear to bank every cat you hook here. All was not lost though and he banked his first carp at 30lbs.

Ian with Magnum at 39lbs

Mid-week, he followed Bobby to the other side of the lake and set up camp in Island Point. This side of the island hasn’t seen any angling this year and Ian made the most of this opportunity and went on to bank multiple carp.

He also had a rod from the Big Double as he really wanted to get his revenge on our cats. On Wednesday night, he set the perfect cat trap in open water with a big bed of our catfish pellets and our Shrimp and Cray boilies. The rod went off during the night but instead of a cat, Ian banked the stunning Magnum at 39lbs! Not the first time a carp has taken a shine to a cat trap! Ian knew he was on the right track so reset the rod and finally got his wish and landed a 100lb (estimate) beast that made his body go into meltdown!

He then finished the week with another special mirror known as Cut Tail at 38lbs.

Ian with Cut Tail at 38lbs

The guys really enjoyed their week. They enjoyed being able to be mobile and move around the lake to try different spots. They worked at their fishing on their own and, despite the losses, beat their PBs several times. They went home tired, sleep deprived and slightly bruised… a very good Beausoleil holiday!

Note for our regular readers:

The next fishing report will be published on the 9th of August as we have a family here for 2 weeks. Do visit the news section next week-end though as we’ll share a heartwarming story about the history of Beausoleil.


7x Mirror: 39lbs, 38lbs, 32lbs, 32lbs, 30lbs, 27lbs, 27 lbs
1x Common: 29lbs
2x Catfish: 100lbs, 90lbs (est.)
Sturgeon twice

and 2 small home growns

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