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Updates to our range of catfish landing and weighing equipment

Here at Beausoleil we are always looking at ways in which fish care and handling can be improved. This August we’ve purchased two large 2m x 3m ground sheets and two massive 9ft x 3ft catfish handling mats. Both products were recommended and supplied by the ever helpful Dave Mutton of UK Specimen Fishing. The ground sheets offer protection for the huge padded mats and for the catfish should they slide off the mat itself. The mats incorporate a fish retention flap that’s Velcro’d directly to the mat itself. The idea of the products is that they can be hung over the side of the swim edging and offer superior protection to the catfish during a gloving operation.

catfish-on-unhooking mat-in-swim

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to test these products for the first time last week and were delighted with the way they performed. They are definitely a big step forward in fish safety and provide more comfort and safety for the angler when handling such large creatures.

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