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Beausoleil launches two new hand crafted baits that are sure to be a winner in 2016!

For the upcoming season, we are delighted to announce that we are launching two new baits.


There are two mixes available: a nut based Nutty Banoffee mix and a shellfish based Shrimp & Cray mix. The mixes are very different and designed to cover anglers’ needs from early through till late season.

  • They will be available in both 20mm (perfect for our carp) and 24mm (perfect for our larger carp and monster catfish).
  • The mixes have been developed by our fishery consultant who has been designing his own carp baits for 30 years. Due to his unique position within the industry, he is able to supply us with mixes of the highest quality. We are also able to maintain our 2015 bait pricing while increasing considerably the nutritional quality of the bait.
  • Both boilies include the nutritionally balanced “Active Boost – AVT24” ingredient from Target Baits which is designed to help support immune function, wound healing, tissue repair and overall health.

Nutty Banoffee: a delicious blend of maple fudge, banana and toffee


This is a premium nut based mix containing plenty of tiger nut and roasted peanut flours. These are balanced with various milk proteins and blended with high grade cereals which result in a nicely textured mix that crumbs well and is easily digestible by the fish. For extra crunch, you’ll find flecks of crushed oyster shell that the carp love. The mix has year round pedigree and has been proven to work in water temps down to 7.5 degrees. The mix is flavoured with top quality human food grade liquids which are not normally used within the carp bait industry. For the nut mix, we’ve chosen to blend maple fudge with banana and toffee to create a heavenly smelling mix of irresistible goodness. It certainly makes me hungry when rolling it!

Shrimp & Cray: using the finest fishmeal ingredients


This is a full on fishmeal bait containing high levels of LT94, pre-digested and krill fishmeals. Again these are balanced with milk proteins, high grade cereals and crushed oyster shell. Haith’s carp catching classic Robin Red gives the baits a wonderful deep red colour as well as making them even more irresistible. The mix is flavoured with shrimp and crayfish that is more palatable than the grade that the bait industry normally uses. The baits have a really nice fresh shellfish smell that is powerful yet doesn’t blow your head off. It crumbs nicely between the fingers so you know that the fish will be able to digest it easily.

Size, availability & price

The baits are exclusive to Beausoleil anglers.  They are available in both 20mm and 24mm. Both baits will be available by pre-order only as they are freshly made to order. Both baits cost €14.50/kg. We are not yet able to offer matching popups but would encourage anglers to use the baits as single or doubles or create a snowman variant of their choice.

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