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Matt sneaks in one final session of the year and has a nice run of carp to 34lbs 8oz

At the end of each season I normally treat myself to a couple week’s fishing but this year the work schedule won’t allow it. There was still time to squeeze a few nights in before I had to hang up my rods for the year though and I thoroughly enjoyed them… when it wasn’t hammering down with rain! The session got off to an absolute flyer when after just 1 hour I was into my first carp. As always I was waiting for the carp to tell me where to fish and when one stuck its nose out very close to the left of sluice bush I knew at least where one rod was going to go! I ran the rig with no bait in the hoppers and placed it 4ft from the margin just to the left of Catfish corner. Anglers walk past this bit of bank all the time and I’ve a sneaking suspicion that no one would ever dream of dropping a rig there which is exactly why I did it! I also knew the margin contour and that the bait would be in 6ft of water on nice firm gravel. Based on how tough the fishing had been of late I was expecting this to be tough going and having to work really hard for each bite so I fell off my stool when this rod locked up tight just after the session had begun! On the mat I was delighted to re-acquaint myself with Hyphen. I first caught and named this carp two years ago almost to the day at 30lbs 8oz! Today she made 34lbs 8oz which is great to see. After fluking one out almost immediately I was still surprised when I was in again at 10pm. This one came from open water to a free cast I made towards a gravel spot. It cracked down hard first time so I left it exactly where it was and sprayed 20 baits over the top with a throwing stick. This common carp made 26lbs and was fin perfect. I re-did the rod, this time it took me two casts to get the donk I wanted and at 8am it was away again.

After checking through some photos this one turned out to be The Oak which is a lovely dark, nice mirror which I stocked last winter. It has been out at 32lbs just prior to spawning but today she weighed 28lbs and was looking very fit! Another carp interrupted my lunch with Ren and she got to see one on the bank which is always special for her. Another mirror of 26lbs which had lovely yellow/gold colouration and spots so we are going to name it Bullion when she makes the 30 mark. With four carp in 18hrs I couldn’t believe my luck but then I fished virtually beepless for the next 24hrs while the rain poured down in a mild torrential fashion! As always I was fishing for a bite at a time and with no bites coming I didn’t add another freebie to any spots even when I re-did the rods for the night. I woke up the next morning having had a very quiet night and wound in to rest the swim. Now that the rain had stopped it was possible to see the faintest sign of carp activity and a few carpy bubbles caught my eye two rod lengths off the snake bank margin. With nothing else to go for I made one cast to roughly where I’d seen the bubbles. I knew that this spot was in a area of clean firm silt and the dull thud of the lead confirmed this. As the carp seemed to have virtually shut up shop I didn’t apply any freebies at all and just fished this one as a true single bottom bait. This trick worked and I banked my final carp of the session, another stunning golden mirror of 27lbs. I was delighted with the session as five carp in three nights based on recent form is very good going. I can’t wait to get all the work out the way and have another crack at them next year!

carp fishing in france in november at beausoleil

Catch report & Feedback from:

Dates at Beausoleil: 1st November to the 4th November
1 angler

Brief details of your catches:

4 x Mirror Carp: 34lbs 8oz, 28lbs, 27lbs, 26lbs
1 x Common Carp: 26lbs

What did you find were the best swims/tactics/baits?

I fished all three nights from point C and all takes came from the main body of the lake. Fished for a bite at a time with light scattering of whole 20mm baits only or none at all! All carp where caught on a 12" Beausoleil rig and single 20mm Blue Oyster bottom bait straight out of the bag.

How was the weather?

Warm, wet and mild. Not normal at all for November!

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