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Welcome the dawn of a new era, silent, automatic aeration!

Dissolved oxygen levels have a massive impact on the quality and consistency of all fisheries and it’s something that we take very seriously at Beausoleil. The traditional solution for many venues of a similar size to ours is to have a mushroom type aerator on an automatic timer. This is the solution we’ve had up until now but it did have some serious drawbacks for our guests and ourselves. A few weeks ago we installed a new, “near silent” aerator at Beausoleil to replace our old mushroom style unit. It constantly monitors oxygen level using a remotely mounted probe and turns itself on or off according to the parameters I set. We are delighted with the unit and the days of visitors jumping out of their skins each times the aerator fires up are long gone!

new aerator and control system for carp lake

We are not looking to artificially raise oxygen levels of the lake beyond what is normal but the unit has the ability to give a boost, as and when needed, so that the fish always have a well oxygenated zone that they can be happy and comfortable within during periods of low oxygen. In addition to this automatic system I take a full oxygen survey of the lake three times a week so that I have a very clear picture of what is going on within the aquatic ecosystem. This enables me to advise clients if there are areas of low oxygen as these will not be productive spots to fish.

The new aerator is so silent that clients are reporting, “didn’t notice it was on”, until they see the fizzing, even when fishing from the points swims! We know that visitors to Beausoleil love the peace and tranquility, we are very proud to say that this latest investment reduces ambient noise levels still further. Just don’t complain that the birds are singing too loudly now!


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