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Loads of fabulous specimens including 12 x 30’s, the lake record 40lbs common carp and the 2nd 100lbs catfish of the year!

This week we welcomed a lovely group of young anglers and their girlfriends all the way from Stoke-on-Trent. Experience wise, a couple of the guys had only been carp fishing for less than two years but the other two had been pursuing carp for longer. With UK PB’s in the low 20’s they had decided that France was the best place to target larger specimens and had chosen Beausoleil as it has such an excellent head of 30’s to fish for and the prospect of something much larger!

Elliott with a common carp of 40lbs
Elliot with the new lake common record, Pepe at 40lbs on a single Nutty Banoffee

Check out all the fish caught this week in our April gallery.

Matt’s Fishing Tutorial & Beausoleil Rigs

After the long drive, those armed with our Beausoleil rigs got off to a flying start and caught on the first night (6 fish in total). James was a little greedy though and had three carp to 30lbs… Nice! We are seeing more and more anglers select our readymade, ready to fish rigs. These venue specific rigs have been perfected over many years with the input of a lot of our visitors. This of course doesn’t mean that you won’t catch with your own rigs! But depending on your experience, confidence and time, they can be a good option if you want to help kick start your session.

As well as the rigs, a couple of the guys, James and Damo, had booked a day’s tutorial to make the most of their weeklong fishing holiday. This tutorial was designed specifically around their needs and we focused on feature finding techniques, hitting the clip and feeling the donk (especially in shallower water), hook sharpening and rig tying skills. I never tire of the shocked look on anglers’ faces when they see one of my hand sharpened hooks compared to what comes out the packet. Let alone what one looks like after it’s been on the lake bed for a night! After James and Damo showed Elliot the results that can be achieved through hook sharpening, he was very eager to get on it himself.

A carp catching bonanza

By Wednesday James was absolutely smashing it from The Big Double with nine in total including four 30’s and a big cat. Damo was also grinning like a Cheshire cat as he’d had two cracking low thirties. Elliot was going well too with two upper twenties and a 30. Despite having the most experience of the group, Jamie was doing his own thing (which I applaud) but finding our fish considerably harder to catch than he was used to. At least he was off the block with a good sized catfish and actively working the problem. Damo mentioned that he’d seen Jamie secretly borrow the Beausoleil hook sharpening kit from Elliot’s bivvy and after watching some hook sharpening videos he was fettling his hook like pro. Again, hand sharpened hooks, his own version of one of my rigs saw him bank his first carp at 28lbs a few hours later.

Damian with Jess at 34lbs
Damian with Jess at 34lbs on a Beausoleil stiff hinge rig

Damo wasn’t catching the fish in numbers like James but by sticking with my stiff hinge rigs his average carp size was higher (4 x 30’s). His third carp was 32lbs and he was absolutely buzzing! Despite the fact that James followed our mainline advice to the letter, he still got smashed by something massive but by paying extra attention to tightening and then testing his knots he banked the 2nd 100lbs catfish of the year on 25lbs Big Game… what a beast!

Great baiting gets results

With a week stuffed full of so many great moments, the highlight of the week had to be something very special indeed. Elliot had be spreading 2kg of our Nutty Banoffee boilies per day just to hold a few fish along his margin. He quickly found that winding in at breakfast, then baiting liberally and leaving the rods out until late afternoon really paid dividends and early Thursday evening he lifted into a proper chunk. Pepe is our biggest common and always fights like a tiger! Although Elliot had been catching on bright popups over the Nutty Banoffee, he decided a change was in order and slipped on a single 20mm bottom bait straight from the bag. On the scales, he made a smidge over 40lbs and just to be sure he was weighed twice! A new PB, and a lake record Elliot was bouncing off the walls with that result!

You’d have thought that after banking so many good specimens that they’d have taken it easy for on the day…Not a chance, they each re-doubled their efforts to bank one more and finished the week with a flourish with a carp a piece including 2 more 30’s!

The girls had a great holiday too in the very comfortable house. For them it was all about total relaxation in complete peace and privacy with plenty of wine and cocktails thrown in for good measure! They even managed a trip to the lovely old town of Vitré half way through the week.

It was an absolute pleasure to welcome this delightful group of hard working, young professionals from the North and we hope to welcome them back one day.

Catch report & Feedback from:

Elliot, James, Damo and Jaimie
Dates at Beausoleil: 1st to 8th April 2017
Number of anglers: 4

Brief details of your catches:

24 fish in total
15 x Mirror Carp: 32lbs 8oz, 32lbs, 32lbs, 32lbs, 31lbs, 31lbs, 30lbs 2oz, 30lbs, 30lbs, 29lbs, 29lbs 6oz, 28lbs, 27lbs 8oz, 26lbs, 25lbs
6 x Common Carp: 40lbs, 34lbs, 31lbs 8oz, 27lbs, 22lbs 10oz, 17
3 x Catfish: 100lbs, 78lbs, 68lbs

What did you find were the best swims/tactics/baits?

Snake bank, island point, open water, hard spots.

How was the weather?

Hot and sunny. Sun bathing, everybody is sun burnt!

How did you find the accommodation?

Brilliant, could not ask for more

What could we do to improve your holiday?

A dishwasher

Would you recommend our venue to a friend?

Already have :)

General comments

Brilliant week, the fish are stunning! The whole place in general is gorgeous. Great tuition with Matt, well worth the money, highly recommended. Matt and Ren were lovely and made us feel really welcome. Log cabin was lovely, clean and cosy. I/we would definitely come back next year!

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