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A scary week!

In case you haven’t heard, large parts of France have received an unprecedented amount of rain this week and we were among those affected. In fact, for the first time ever, our area was on red alert.

Storms and severe downpours can hit fisheries badly with swims and dam walls potentially breaching and in the worst case fish fatalities.

If you follow our TikTok account (https://www.tiktok.com/@matt_collins_carper) you’ll see that things got a bit scary but so far we haven’t lost any carp due to the influx of flood water. In the end we came within inches of the lake breaching and if the last batch of bad weather had been a few kilometres further east we could have seen water pass over the dam wall. It was yet another reminder of what a tricky business this is.

On the fishing front, it was a tricky week for Ross and Matt but the guys stuck at it despite the awful conditions. Three carp were caught, the biggest was a low 30 and it was great that Matt caught a PB. Sammy the sturgeon seemed to love the rain and he came out 4 times!

The fight against green algae continues

We’ve just released a 30 minute YouTube video explaining the new approach we are taking with regards to managing green algae. Although it’s early days, prior to the storms hitting, the water quality was actually the best we’ve seen at this time of year and it was fishing incredibly well thanks to oxygen levels being high and stable.

There were no signs of the dreaded green algae that has plagued us over the years or the toxic blue green algae that we have seen. We are fairly sure that this new approach has helped us avoid the worst impact from this flooding event and we’re confident we’ll see the water quality return to its pre-flood condition this week. 


If you’ve visited us before, you’ll remember that at this time of year, we usually have our aerators on full time 24/7 in order to manage the spread of the green algae. We are hoping that with this new approach, we’ll be able to drastically reduce the use of the aerators during the summer and thus reduce the noise pollution.

We know that some of you check the catch report section of the website every week so we want to let you know that there won’t be any updates for a few weeks. We have the Beausoleil ‘catfish brothers’ on for the next 2 weeks who will purely focus on catching some of our monster moggies. So, see you back here in a few weeks 😊

In the meantime don’t forget to keep an eye on our social media pages as Ren continues to publish lots of useful, free and interesting carp fishing related posts and short videos. If you haven’t found them yet he’s the link to all the accounts:




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