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Our carp fishing tuition is the perfect way to make the best of your carp fishing holiday at Beausoleil. You get a fast start to putting fish on the bank and you get to take home tips and tricks that will improve your fishing wherever you go. Because you get the tuition right at the start of your holiday, when it matters, you will reap the rewards throughout the week. Without it, it can take many anglers several days, sometimes several trips, to get to grips with the intricacies of the venue.

Take your carp fishing to the next level

carp fishing tuition in france with matt and angler

Our goal is that you have the best fishing experience possible during your carp fishing holiday at Beausoleil. In order to achieve that, we provide a wide range of resources and tools so that you can be best prepared for the challenges of the venue: from our weekly fishing reports and “How to fish Beausoleil” page to our YouTube channel with our fishing and tutorial videos and our ready made rigs with hand sharpened hooks.

You can then go to the next level and book a day’s tuition when you book your Beausoleil holiday. The day session will get you off to a fast start and will transform your fishing both here and back home.

Every session I’ve done has made a massive difference to the results, regardless of age and experience.

It’s simple. If I genuinely didn’t believe that the session can make a massive difference to your results, I wouldn’t offer the service. I have been helping anglers catch in France at Beausoleil ever since we took over the fishery in 2011. I’ve worked with anglers with PBs of 16lbs to 60lbs and they’ve all learnt tricks that have made a massive difference to their results.

It’s all to do with the type of carp fishing experience you’ve had before. If you are used to chasing really tricky, heavily pressured specimen fish on a small estate lake, a lot of the techniques I will show you will be familiar to you. If you have mostly fished runs waters or large gravel pits, whether in the UK or France, Beausoleil will be unlike anything you’ve ever fished before.

From the virtual to the real world

If you like my approach on YouTube, the face to face tuition is the next step to level up your carp fishing. There is simply no replacement for one on one bankside time to review your setup, rigs and refine your skills. You then get to put it all into practice straight away during your stay.

Carp fishing is a technical sport but it’s also a mental game. We’ll dig into what changes to make, when and why to put you back in control of your fishing. You will gain the confidence and clarity to help you catch more consistently.

A proven track record

90% of new Beausoleil visitors book a tuition
10,600,000 views on YouTube
Over 40,000 subscribers
Over 80 tutorial videos
1000’s of anglers’ questions answered

What anglers say about our tuition

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Damon Walmsley

Best decision of the week

We got an angling experience that neither of us could ever have dreamed of! Our best decision of the week by far, as first time guests at Beausoleil, was to invest in the onsite tuition with Matt. As we soon found, the Beausoleil carp are very special indeed when it comes to dealing with rigs and without Matt’s tuition we would not only have struggled to find the right spots to target but we would also not have converted as many pick-ups into hooked fish. It was a week of many firsts and PBs for us both and with an epic story behind many of the captures. We can’t thank you enough, Matt and Ren! We are both still completely blown away by the experience and will honestly never forget this week!!

Ian Finden

The tuition is second to none

Quite simply a carp fisherman’s paradise. Beautiful surroundings, beautiful fish to go after and superb accommodation all looked after by Matt and Ren who can’t do enough for you. The tuition Matt offers is second to none and will teach even the most experienced angler some new tricks. Will certainly back in the near future and hopefully many times after that!

David Redfearn

The most wonderful week

I’ve just spent the most wonderful week at Beausoleil. It was my first fishing trip to France, and I couldn’t be more delighted. I booked two tuition sessions with Matt, which not only greatly improved my experience and techniques at Beausoleil, but will improve my angling skills for a lifetime. The carp and catfish my family caught were beyond our wildest dreams. I even caught my new PB and a new lake record 48lb mirror carp. From my first contact with Matt, the whole process was faultless, a 100% success, total professionalism. A beautiful tranquil setting in total privacy, a truly soothing environment. I couldn’t give this experience a higher mark if I tried. Many thanks to Matt & Ren I really hope we meet again, thanks very much.

Why should you book a tuition with me?

matt angler doing carp fishing tuition

You’re probably wondering why you should bother with a fishing tuition. Let me share a bit of background on how this has come about.

Since I started carp fishing, I’ve learnt bits and pieces along the way like all of us. Many years ago, I was lucky to meet some very good anglers, no one very famous, but sponsored anglers that have worked for the likes of Korda, Avid and Wychwood.

It was during my time with them on a small syndicate and on trips to France that my rate of learning, and catching, increased dramatically.

These guys are at the top of their game because they are doing something fundamentally different. It’s not until you actually spend quality time on the bank with anglers of this caliber that you can truly appreciate how different their approach is.

Then, in 2011, I was lucky to become the owner of Beausoleil and the learning continues. I know the lake better than anyone else and it continues to surprise, amaze and fascinate me. I am always open and honest about what works here, and more importantly what doesn’t. Week after week, year after year, I found that I could help a lot of anglers with a multitude of small and sometimes big aspects of their fishing, as well as continuing to learn from them. The end result of all this learning and sharing is that I will help you bank fish faster at Beausoleil and I guarantee that you will be able to incorporate what you learn in your fishing back home.

What is included in the tuition session?

The tuition I provide is both structured and free flowing. I have the same starting point and then, depending on your experience and requirements, I will tailor the elements that add the most value to you. The 3 pillars of the session are: the rig fundamentals, exploring the lake and tactics.

Rig fundamentals

It’s amazing how many little things can work against you. You could be sharpening your hooks and actually making the point worse than when it came out of the packet. You could be used to carp that bolt every time they are hooked, but here experience nothing more than a flurry of bleeps. Your rig mechanics may be working against you. You could be tying knots that have never let you down but when faced with the ultimate test of one of our massive cats will only last minutes.

These are some of the typical challenges you will face here. This is where I see the most mistakes made. Even the most experienced and capable anglers will learn loads in this section. It’s what makes the difference between catching consistently or struggling.


exploring lake feature during fishing tuition

Exploring features

Below the surface, Beausoleil is a complicated and savage environment with rocks, snags and rapid changes in depths and you need to understand it. During the session we spend a good few hours exploring the lake in detail with a variety of tools. Some may be familiar to you like a marker rod, others may well be new to you: a dedicated leading rod, boat work and wading.

Boat work is essential to get the most from the venue and this is something that many anglers rarely, if ever, have had the chance to practice before. This is always a really interesting section and no matter how much experience you have you will learn loads about carp, their habitat and how to catch them.

fishing tactics during tuition

Improving your tactics

Fishing for heavily pressured carp is very different to normal carp fishing. You have to force the mistakes from these fish. They are quite capable of cleaning you out, night after night, if you let them. They are also capable of moving your rig without you knowing anything about it!

Bait is a tool to catch fish and there are many effective baiting strategies that go way beyond just lobbing it in. I’ll show you different methods that can make all the difference.

Something as simple as how you set your rod and clutch can also have a big impact. For some of our regulars, it’s simply the only way to fish any venue, but the approach takes a massive leap of faith for many.


Some of the anglers that have taken the tuition

Richard with Pepe at 42lbs 4oz


Craig is a very talented carp angler and is a regular at the Linear fishery complex. He’s been to France multiple times and has had some big hits at Moorlands fishery in France. His French PB is a whopping 62lbs + and he’s had multiple UK 30’s. He knows how important local knowledge of the water is and was keen to pump me for as much information as possible. He was really impressed with what I can do to an out-of-the-packet hook. After a little practice, he was producing hooks which were honed to perfection. He also loved the rig tricks I showed him. He went on to bank Cut Tail at 42lbs along with 4 other good specimens (that was just one hectic night!) He credited his success to the tuition and re-booked a prime spring week in 2021 before leaving. Read his fishing report.


Richard is a veteran multi species angler who has targeted everything from trout to tarpon over 60+ years. He has fished high profile waters like Wraysbury along with the likes of Terry Hearn and Savay with Len Arbury. He’s also done the Ebro many times. Although he’d had access to some very special waters, he’d never had quite the same level of success as some of the top guys. A tutorial session at Beausoleil was exactly what he wanted. Following a 24hr tutorial, Richard went on to catch many special carp including Pepe at 42lbs and a 100lb+ cat here, and a 37lb wild river carp. Back home, his results have made a step change with multi UK 30lbs carp falling to his rods. Read his fishing report.

Damon and JP

Damon is a very accomplished carp angler who’s used to the challenges of chasing down and catching 40lb carp on some of the hardest waters the UK has to offer. He is a very skilled angler but that doesn’t stop his thirst for knowledge and exploring methods of fishing that are new to him. His son JP has spent more time concentrating on match fishing than carping but has already racked up some decent UK carp. They booked the tuition because they wanted to make the most of their first French carp fishing trip. Damon and JP got so much more out of the session than they believed possible. They went on to have an awesome week’s fishing catching some incredible fish. Read their fishing report.