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Cat fishing at one of the most stunning fishing venues with great footage of big 85lb catfish gloved out of the water

gloving a catfish to get it out of the lake

Catfish fishing at Beausoleil is often the most exciting type of angling our guests experience.

I always stress the importance of having the right tackle to land a big catfish and to take precautions to avoid mainline failure.

When it comes to getting them on the bank, you have a couple of options: bundle them into the net (tail first) or if they are not compliant or too big, the only thing left to do is to glove them!

Check out the video:

During a great catfishing week at Beausoleil, James hooked a big 85 catfish just 10 minutes after dropping his Beausoleil carp rig off the island point.

It was taken on 2 x 22mm Blue Oyster baits over chops and pellets.

angler with catfish hooked on the rod

The take came in glorious afternoon sunshine and we shot some great footage of the playing and the landing of the fish.

Not for the first time in the week, I got in the water to glove the beast and James was blown away by the proportions of the fish!

catfish being put in mat in france after capture

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