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The week of 7 September 2024 is now available

A stunning carp lake for exclusive hire only

If you are looking for an exclusive lake hire in France that offers fantastic fishing, then Beausoleil is the perfect carp fishing holiday destination. Whether you are coming with your spouse, family or friends, you will get total privacy and tranquility for your fishing holiday. Set in its own private grounds, Beausoleil provides the ideal setting for a group of anglers looking for a unique fishing holiday with exclusive lake hire.

The fishing is fantastic, a perfect balance of challenge and enjoyment

Beausoleil is an ideal French fishing holiday venue if you want serious fishing in beautiful surroundings for a fishing couple or either you and up to three friends, or the whole family. As it is exclusive hire, you get total privacy and you won’t have to share the lake with other people.

If you don’t want to bivvy up for 7 nights or are coming with non-anglers, the two-bedroom luxury lodge is only 50 yards from the lake and provides all the comforts you’ll need.

● The accommodation sleeps four people
● Offered on a self-catering basis (nearest mini supermarket 2km)

We are easy to reach, only 2h30 from Caen and 5h30 from Calais

The lake is four acres in size and has a large island and a bridge. You can access the lake the whole way around to get different rod angles and fish from the one triple swim, or three single swims. The lake is 3 to 8 feet deep with a complicated mix of sand, silt, clay and gravel areas.

Beausoleil is stocked with 80+ mirrors and commons. There is one grass carp of 40lbs+ and one sturgeon. We also have 20 massive catfish. There are also pike, zander, perch and roach to ensure a balanced ecology.

● Carp between 20lbs and 48lbs with an average size of 30lbs+
● Catfish between 60lbs and 100lbs+ with an average size of 80lbs+

Beausoleil is one of the best exclusive lake hires in France and stocked with an amazing range of stunning specimens from heavily scaled mirrors through to leather carp. They fight really hard in the rich, well oxygenated water and are a true sight to behold in the cradle. They aren’t easy to catch so you’ll need to bring your A-game. The catfish take Beausoleil to a whole other level. They will literally leave you speechless and shaking as the adrenaline surges through your body. These are the most powerful specimens you are ever likely to encounter on rod and line and make the Ebro experience look very tame by comparison (according to our customers). You’ll need to be fit and strong and properly tooled up to bank one of these beasts.

A unique fishing experience

If, like me, you are passionate about your carp fishing and enjoy learning and exploring different techniques, we’ve got plenty of resources for you to take inspiration from. You’ll find plenty of guidance on how to fish the venue on this website as well as on our YouTube channel.

For the ultimate learning experience, make sure you book our carp fishing tuition. Not only will it help you put fish on the bank faster at Beausoleil, I guarantee you that it will help you up your game back home.

Bait and Rigs

We offer home made freshly rolled boilies in two flavours. The Nut based and Fishmeal based mixes are created with the finest ingredients, ensuring perfect nutrition for the fish. Available in 20mm or 24mm. We also offer our own range of ready-made rigs specifically designed for the venue. Each one comes with a hand sharpened hook.

Bait Boat Hire

You can hire a twin hulled Anatec bait boat for the week. It is easy to use and can help you drop your rigs precisely on the right spot. A set of replacement batteries will be supplied along with a rain cover for the handset. There are also two rowing boats available to use free of charge along with prodding sticks.

Bivvy/Bedchair Hire

If you are short of space in your car, you can hire a bivvy and bedchair for the week. We have two of each available and they make a lot of sense for the travelling angler. The gear is all top brand stuff from Avid, Trakker and Rod Hutchinson and won’t let you down when you need it most, whatever the weather.

bait and rigs

bait boat for hire anatec

bivvy for hire fishing holiday

Lake Exclusive Hire Prices

Lake exclusive bookings are for a maximum of 4 people, whether anglers or family members. The price is £1,435 for the group for the week and includes the exclusive hire of the lake and accommodation. Your holiday runs from saturday to saturday. You can access the venue from 2:30pm and we kindly ask that you are packed and ready to leave by 10am on the day of departure.

What’s included in the price?

Your booking will consist of exclusive fishing on the 4 acre lake and use of the two bedroom self-catering accommodation and all of the facilities for the week. The venue can only be booked by one group at any time. Free Wi-Fi is available in the lodge and all around the lake.

What equipment hire is available?

You can hire bivvy, bedchair and bait boat. You will need to bring all your tackle. We also offer a full range of landing and weighing equipment for both carp and cats free of charge. You can also use the two rowing boats and prodding sticks available to target your spots accurately.

How does the lake fish?

Beausoleil provides a moderate level of difficulty for an experienced carp angler. The carp are fished for constantly for 8 months every year and have seen it all. The lake bottom is feature rich and complicated but weed free. Precise location, hand sharpened hooks and running rigs are the key to success. The catfish provide a very serious challenge to even the most experienced and skilled anglers. The thrill of banking one is beyond words.

The fish can eat a tremendous amount but it’s not just a question of rocking up and lobbing a load of bait in. The best approach is to accurately locate a feeding spot and target it with small traps of bait. Bait levels can be increased once these productive spots have been found.

Are there specific rules to follow?

Yes, we have specific lake rules due to the size of the fish and the type of lake bottom. Below the tranquil surface, Beausoleil is a savage underwater maze of rocks, plateaus and holes. We also have a large population of swan mussels. For mainline, we only recommend Berkley Big Game 25lbs or even 30lbs. We sell our own hooklink material as most regular carp brands are not up to the job (there are a few exceptions).

If you don’t normally sharpen your hooks, you will need to change them each cast as the lake bottom will damage your hook points. We also insist on 1m of rig tubing to prevent premature cut offs from catfish pectoral spines and rocks.

Some reviews of our exclusive lake hire venue

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You’re in your own little world

Well what can I say, from start to finish without doubt one of the best places I’ve ever fished. The place itself is beautiful and secluded. You lock the big gates and you’re in your own little world dedicated to fishing. The lodge is brilliant, everything you need and more. The pool table was much appreciated when the heavens opened. Matt and Irene make you so welcome with their enthusiasm for the place being quite infectious. And a final mention for Matt: I will forever be hand sharpening my hooks. Thank you, another tip learned and taken forward into my own fishing.

Alan Goldsmith

Up there with the best

Been coming to France now for 12 years and this venue is right up there with the best: from the accommodation which is very clean and homely, to the stunning lake and the stunning fish that swim within, and the friendly and professional approach of Matt and Ren the owners.

Jezz Bailey

Couldn’t have asked for better

What a cracking venue with cracking fish, surroundings and chalet. I’ve been carp fishing for 20 years and this has to be one of the most challenging and beautiful lakes I’ve fished. Can’t wait to get back. The guys had a good result with the fishing and us ladies enjoyed the lovely lodge, very clean and comfortable couldn’t have asked for better. Matt and Ren are very good hosts and were very helpful, booked for next year already.

Dean and Danielle Lane

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