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A tricky week for the guys with carp to mid thirties

This week we welcomed Andy, Jules & Rick to the venue for their 3rd visit. The guys absolutely love the venue and we’ll see them again in September and next spring (when they pluck up the courage to tell their wives that is!) The first three weeks of the season have gone very well on the fishing front with plenty of really good fish hitting the banks. 

This week the conditions are markedly different and various other venues local to us are also reporting that the fishing has been slow. Andy was lucky just to get away with everything else that’s going on in his life. As it was, he still had to work remotely during the holiday and head home early so he really was up against it from the start.

Jules led the way on the fishing front and managed to trick three carp into his landing net. Finding the carp was easy enough in the crystal clear margins (still can’t quite get used to that!) but getting them to make a mistake was an entirely different matter! 

His first carp was a PB and he upped it again when he had a repeat capture of Bump. He also managed the rare feat of catching one from the island at really close range.

Our carp are super spooky as soon as your foot touches the island bridge but Jules found that he could creep along really slowly, set the trap and then lie down. He was just enjoying the multitude of sounds that the birds make here when he heard a strange clicking sound that at first he didn’t recognize… Luckily he sat up to pay closer attention and realised that it was his reel! His reward was one of our super scaly home grown specials.

Rick and Andy had a blinding trip to us last spring at a similar time but this time they couldn’t make it happen.

Rick and Jules spent many happy hours fishing for the carp right at their feet along ‘snake bank’ and their hearts were in their mouths as huge carp tails swirled over their spot. Every now and again the line would tighten dramatically only to fall slack moments later. This type of fishing is really exciting but our carp are absolute masters of the game and this time the carp got the better of them.

If you watched our latest YouTube production you’ll see that this place can bite you hard. It’s one of the reasons we and many anglers absolutely love the place. What do they say, treat them mean to keep them keen? Didn’t know that it was a reference to carp fishing though 😂

Tough week guys but thanks again for the laughter and the good times!

There’s no catch report next week as our guests had to cancel at the last minute unfortunately. We are using the opportunity to rest the fish and get some more quality food into them and we look forward to welcoming the next group in a week.

Catch report & Feedback from:

Julian, Andy and Rick
Dates at Beausoleil: 15to 22 April 2023
No of anglers: 3

What did you find were the best swims/tactics/baits?

The carp were caught from various swims - the far 'stone' swim set from the right side of the main swim, stalking off the island to the snake bank, and in open water in the deeper end of the lake. The chosen method was solid PVA bag (either cast or delivered by boat) to ensure lead and rig remained above the silt in each case. All fish fell to the multi-rig which has really increased our confidence regarding terminal tackle. While all carp caught were done so using Scopex squid boilies, two decent fish (we believe both carp) were also hooked on hair-rigged halibut pellet, before coming off during the fight.

How was the weather?

Mainly very pleasant with lots of sunshine but probably not ideal for carp fishing, with high air pressure at times.

How did you find the accommodation?

Very good and perfect for our needs. It says it all when the only "complaint" we had was that we could not find the chalk for the pool table 😀

What could we do to improve your holiday?

Very little. Curtains in the bedrooms has been raised before but we simply closed the shutters for the week this time and it was fine.

Would you recommend our venue to a friend?

Yes - but only to very good friends ! Don't want the secret getting out ! 😀

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