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A great result for a newcomer to the sport on their first fishing trip to France!

This week we welcomed Lisa & Christian to the venue for the first time. Christian only started carp fishing 7 months ago so this was going to be one hell of learning curve for him! Luckily, he had booked a day’s tuition to help him on his journey. We did this on the Wednesday as they only arrived at Beausoleil on Tuesday.

Tuition day

Christian was well equipped but he’d found it incredibly hard to learn the sport. Christian found us through the YouTube channel and he told me that my videos had helped him catch his first carp after many blanks which is fantastic to hear. After that he made up his mind that he must visit us.

As usual my approach came as a a bit of a shock. We binned the ronnie rigs and the massive curved hooks that are so in vogue and went right back to basics with a double 18mm bottom bait rig and two turn kicker tied in 35lb Armourlink on a size 6 chod Twister. Why? Because it works! It was hard to hear that so far on his journey Christian had lost 10 times the number of carp that he’d hooked and when I looked at his rigs it wasn’t hard to see why. We covered a huge amount in the time available and by 5pm it was time for me to head off and wish him luck 😉

A cracking start

The next morning I got the update I was hoping for. Conditions were good for sure but you’ve still got to tick all the boxes here or it’s not going to happen. After I’d left, Christian banked a 30lb mirror followed by a 20lb common in the space of an hour. He was blown away. His previous PB was 18lbs. Catching those two fish meant the world to him. He’d simply never experienced carp fishing at this level.

First catfish of the year

Well it’s been a while since we’ve seen a moggie on the bank I tell you. I didn’t meet one during my winter angling but it has been rather fresh. I’m surprised we didn’t see one last week when temps reached 20 degrees. I cannot begin to tell you what a gigantic leap it is to go from catching singles and doubles to a 67lb catfish. It’s fishing on a whole new level. After the tuition, Christian’s knots withstood the test beautifully and he quickly understood why all of my sessions start with the mainline knot.

The fight was a very nerve racking experience for him but he managed to keep his cool enough to bank the fish of a lifetime. He did really blooming well, so massive congratulations!

With all boxes ticked on the fishing front, Christian and Lisa took some time out to visit the surrounding area and enjoy the wonderful food that’s available here. The rods did go back out for one last hurrah before they had to leave but no more fish were caught.

This is the second week on the trot with zeros losses so top marks all round. Both groups took the tuition and were able to successfully apply the method and that’s clear from the results. When you consider that Christian only did two evenings and a day it’s a really impressive bit of angling!

See you again!

Lisa wasn’t fishing this time but she absolutely loved the place and was overjoyed with how much Christian learned and the results. They ranked the experience as their best holiday ever and cannot wait to book again with us. It was such a pleasure to meet them and we are delighted that they had such a great time.

Catch report & Feedback from:

Christian and Lisa
5 to 9 April 2022

Brief details of your catches:

Mirror carp of 30lbs 5oz
Common carp of 24lbs
Catfish of 67lbs

What did you find were the best swims/tactics/baits?

The deep spot at 13 wraps, sharp hooks, Matt's rigs, Scopex Squid.

How was the weather?

Mostly raining and very windy

How did you find the accommodation?


Would you recommend our venue to a friend?


General comments

Tuition was super helpful, caught 3 fish in the first 24hours after. Brilliant hosts, could not ask for better.

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