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A nice week’s fishing with carp to 43 lbs!

This week we welcomed Erik for his third visit to Beausoleil. On his previous visits he’d been by himself but this time he was accompanied by his partner and friends. For Henk this would be his first time carp fishing so they took the tuition option. Beausoleil is a tricky venue for any skilled and experienced carp angler so this was going to be a shocking steep learning curve for Henk. He was only going to be fishing days alongside Eric so help was only a few meters away. 

Eric didn’t waste any time clocking one up on the board and what a lovely way to start: Petals at 43lbs8oz just before breakfast on the first morning. Eric had another carp during the night which we believe to be one of the newly stocked carp and while I was there on Sunday, he had Finn at 26lbs. 

The tuition was all about Henk so I tailored it to fit his needs. He’s been coarse fishing for many years but recently decided that carp fishing is his new focus. Henk was determined to learn some new skills and wanted me to teach him as much as I could in the time available so that’s what I did. It was fun, relaxed and quite special for me. It’s not often that I have a blank canvas to work with! It soon became clear that certain materials and rigs would suit Henk better than others. One of my favourite rigs (the deadly ‘D’ rig) was a little too tricky but he took to the blowback multi like a duck to water. Later, he started to tie my classic mono hair rig and this seemed to suit him better.

The real focus of this session was about understanding the basics, and understanding that to be successful, that’s all you need. Modern carp angling is a very confusing sport with more gear, hype, myths and confusion than necessary. My aim in these sessions is to make carp fishing simple and fun.

I wanted Henk to be a successful carp angler on his return to Holland and to do that I needed to understand the nature of the type of venues that he wanted to tackle. This was time well spent and I was able to give him some simple, straight forward, proven strategies that will be applicable and effective.

Eric is a very skilled angler and for this session he’d effectively be doing some of the fishing for Henk, but he was very keen for him to start to apply his new skills and to be as self-sufficient as possible. Eric is perfectly capable of teaching Henk how to catch carp but teaching a friend a new skill is not an easy thing to do and sometimes “friendships” can turn sour as the frustration and confusion builds. It was an honour that Eric chose me as Henk’s tutor. I have a very special job… and I love it!

Bait & rigs

Eric loves my “Deadly D-rig” (new video out on this rig today!) and he’s been using it since I first showed it to him a couple of years ago. I’ll never forget him saying that it was worth the trip, just to learn this rig! He also uses his variation of the multi rig which is useful for quick hook changes when he’s pressed for time. Lead system was inline or swivel, free running. On the bait front they used plenty of Scopex Squid, oily hemp and tiger nuts. Like me it’s a mix that Eric has a great deal of confidence in as it’s what he uses back home.

The weather took a big swing during the week and the guys went from “oooh it’s fresh” to “blimey it’s really warm!” in a day. This had a significant effect on the carp. They began to fizz heavily in Catfish Corner but they also moved into the shallows where Henk had his rods positioned. Eric was watching the conditions closely and they chose to rest the swims all day/night on Thursday but baited lots of areas heavily with quite a few kilos of Scopex Squid boilies, flakes and hemp (hmm, this tactic sounds familiar… sounds like the type of tactic I’d use!).

On Friday morning Henk had a run just 5 minutes after dropping the rig. What a way to start your carp fishing journey with a deep bodied 35lbs mirror! Cue massive grin that lasted for days! In total he managed 4 takes from this spot before winding in for the day. He landed three of them and one was too quick for him and ploughed through the bridge. Big thanks to Eric who took the time and trouble to row out, find the rig (hook stuck firmly in a bridge stanchion) and safely removed it along with the entire setup. It’s yet another reason why we love the barbless because carp are very good at freeing themselves from a barbless hook with minimal damage if things go wrong. Which they do, that’s fishing! 

Eric caught steadily throughout the week and also finished on a high with one more carp on his last night. 

When we met Henk on Saturday, you could see his grin from 100 meters away. The angler believes that he hooks the fish but it’s actually the fish that hooks him…. for life! Bloody brilliant mate, welcome to carp fishing 👊

It was lovely to see Eric again and to meet Rick, Monique and Henk. Rick and Monique were able to take themselves off for day trips during the holiday so they got to see more of the local area. I really enjoyed my time on the bank with Eric and Henk. Learning modern carp fishing from scratch in this day and age is hard. It was bad enough for me 25 years ago! I’m very confident that Henk will be a very successful carp angler.

New video out 🎬

I’ve been fishing with this rig for the last 2 years on a variety of venues, including here at Beausoleil, and I haven’t found a situation where I can’t use it. It is a mono d rig but with a little twist: the addition of a blow back tube that gives it an elongated D. This means the bottom bait sits lower down, near the bend of the hook and helps the rig to flip and turn faster and give great hook holds. The other secret to this rig is the material: I’m using 0.50 mono hooklink. Why? Because it doesn’t tangle on the cast, even if it’s not a great cast. This rig gives you a streamlined, guaranteed presentation on any lake bottom. What else do you need 😊

Brief details of your catches:

Eric had six carp in total, 5 small kittens and was smashed up by one large catfish. His best carp weighed 43 lbs 8 oz. Others were caught solo at night and he preferred not to take them out of the water so they were all estimated. They ranged from upper twenties to upper thirties. Henk had three carp. The best was 35lbs, the other two were upper twenties.

What did you find were the best swims/tactics/baits?

Point’C’ fished all along to the dam wall and did plenty of carp. One came from the point of the island. Henk’s carp all came from one small hard spot in front of a rock in shallow water.

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