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A relaxing family holiday with carp to 37lbs

This week we welcomed back Jeroen who last visited us a couple of years ago. This time he’d brought his wife and daughter along to enjoy the delights that Beausoleil has to offer. I spent the day with him on Sunday as he wanted to re-do the tuition that he’d taken last time. It was wonderful to hear what a positive impact his first visit had made on his fishing back home and it was a pleasure to spend the day with him and his family. 

This holiday would be a series of firsts for the family. It would be their first ever family fishing holiday which is impressive considering that his wife really doesn’t like fishing! The whole thing could have been a total disaster but fortunately she loved the feel of the place, the house, the grounds and being by the water. Jeroen is the chef of the family and while he was busy in the kitchen, his wife looked after the rods for him.

His daughter Josephine was a little bit more interested in the fishing and even wanted to bivvy up next to her dad for the week. That’s quite a big step considering she’d never even gone camping before. I don’t think she slept very well the first night. She was surprised how noisy a lake can be, even in the middle of rural France. The owls hooted, the foxes cried and the morning chorus is absolutely deafening here!

In contrast to last week, the fishing was much slower. Sammy made an early appearance and Jeroen managed a nice big mirror off one of his spots. Even for the best anglers, it’s really not easy trying to have a family holiday and a fishing trip at the same time. Something always has to give. Despite the challenge, they had a very nice relaxing time which is the most important thing. The weather was much nicer this week. Not too hot, not too cold and mostly dry. Perfect for a family holiday really.

We already know that Jeroen is hoping to return to us next year to have another crack at them and we look forward to welcoming the whole family back at Beausoleil.

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