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First carp fishing trip to France for this father and son is a great success with carp to nearly 40 lbs

This week we welcomed father and son team Jeroen and Victor to the venue. They’d only been carp fishing for two and a half years and this was their first fishing trip to France and longest ever fishing trip (10 days in total). If you’re relatively new to the sport then Beausoleil is a great choice because of the level of on site support that we offer. Jeroen did not hesitate to take us up on the offer and booked me for the day to help shorten the learning curve.

The guys arrived on Friday so I spent most of Saturday with them going through all the basics. The learning curve was a steep one but we covered plenty of ground.

By mid-week, they had banked a fish each and judging from the conditions we knew that there were more bites to be had. They were hand sharpening their hooks but they were actually making them blunter rather than sharper (which is something quite common actually). Swapping over to the Nash twisters which are much better out of the packet than most solved that problem.

In their own words:

What an experience!! We couldn’t have picked it better place for our first carp trip to France. Our positive experience started right after booking as Matt was very helpful in our choice of equipment for our fishing trip. We also watched the necessary YouTube contributions from Matt in advance, which turned out to be very instructive. I really hope that Matt continues to contribute to YouTube because he has 2 new fans. My son and I were warmly welcomed by Matt and Ren on arrival. After a quiet first evening we started our first day at Beausoleil with a lesson from Matt. I would recommend such a class day to everyone because we really learned a lot from it. Not only does it help your fishing on the beautiful Beausoleil lake, but it will improve your fishing skills in general. I thought that after a couple of decades fishing, I could tie a knot. Matt showed us how to improve that drastically which was an absolute eyeopener. Furthermore, the fishing on this beautifully maintained lake was wonderful, with some brilliant new personal bests as a result after a week. We really enjoyed it and we want to come back here. One week short for us to really understand the fishing at Beausoleil and we left with the feeling that we can do better the next time with the knowledge we gained this week. In short, a beautiful place that I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone. Matt and Ren made sure my son and I had a unique week. Thank you!! Jeroen & Victor

Results start to come

After my second visit, things started to click and they managed 6 carp between them. The big cats got the better of them but they did catch some nice carp and both broke their PB’s which was great to see. Sammy (our suicidal Sturgeon) went a bit nuts this week with 5 trips to the bank. A couple of days before the end of the holiday Jeroen really started to get a feel for the place and find his feet. His only regret was that they didn’t have longer to enjoy the moment before the drive back to Holland.

Bait and rigs

I made Jeroen 10 of my supple multi rigs which were enough for both of them for the whole week. By changing the hooks regularly it enabled them to keep fishing effectively with the minimum amount of work. Victor was determined to master hook sharpening and it will be interesting to see how he gets on with that. It’s not easy! On the bait front they used our new carp food packs which consist of 5kg of 18mm Scopex Squid + 5kg of  Scopex Squid Flake + 5kg of Scopex Squid pellets + 1 litre of liquid and popups to match. It also comes with the cultured hookbaits which can be a real edge in the summer as they are not only highly attractive to all species but the centre is rock hard and will resist being whittled by roach (they can be very active during the summer). Most of the fish were caught on the cultured baits.

The guys learned loads and will return to Holland, completely different anglers. It was a pleasure to meet them and I was very glad that they chose me to be their guide.

If you want to know why hook sharpness is the difference between catching and not catching at Beausoleil, check out my latest video:


Catch report & Feedback from:

Jeroen & Victor
Dates at Beausoleil: 23July to the 3rd August 2021
Number of anglers: 2

Brief details of your catches:

6 carp to 39lbs and the sturgeon 5 times

What did you find were the best swims/tactics/baits?

The best spot was close to the island. Scopex Squid cultured hookbaits worked well.

How was the weather?

We had a bit of everything

How did you find the accommodation?

Really nice

What could we do to improve your holiday?

Feed the sturgeon before we come the next time!

Would you recommend our venue to a friend?

For sure

General comments

Beautiful place with challenging fishing. We really liked the tutorial.

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