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A good week’s fishing with plenty of carp to 38lbs and cats to 103lbs

This week we welcomed Jules, Rick & Andy to the venue for the 5th time. That means they are officially Beausoleil veterans! Over the years they’ve had some good weeks and some tougher weeks. This year we were hoping that the lake was going to reward them for their loyalty!

The weather started off crazy warm with temps hitting a heady 25 degrees over the weekend. For a minute everyone thought it was summer and then in 24 hrs we lost 10°C! On arrival, the carp were very active and could be found from one end of the lake to the other. As expected, many were concentrated down the shallows and we could clearly see big plumes of silt wafting upwards as we disturbed them. Obviously this got the blood pumping and the boys hatched a plan to get going straight away. I knew the guys knew how to catch them. I was confident enough to tell them that they were cueing up and within a few hours, Jules proved me right with two fish (a nice mid twenty and a mid thirty pound mirror). Nice work mate 👏

The next morning everyone was on it and Rick didn’t waste much time getting his name on the scoreboard. In fact he smashed it out of the park with three carp on Sunday alone. Excellent work sir 👏  

Things were slower to get going for Andy. He’d plumped for point ‘C’ which has been an excellent swim this year but as soon as the sun comes out, the carp are down the shallows soaking up the rays and point ‘C’ becomes better for a night bite. As Andy was fishing days only he was picking up some small catfish for his efforts but it was still early days.

Unfortunately time was not on Andy’s side this year and he had to leave on Wednesday so the pressure really was on to bag one. Everyone was getting a bit nervous when, by Tuesday morning, it wasn’t happening for Andy, then, out of the blue, all hell broke loose as he hooked a big catfish. Thankfully all went well and he had a proper one for the camera at 60lbs. He followed that with a cracking mid thirty common and an upper twenty. He still managed a few hours fishing on Wednesday morning but that was going to be it for this year. A very good result considering the time pressure! Well done mate 👏

Tuesday was a busy day and up in ‘no carp corner’, Jules was into a catfish that gave a good account of itself, weighing in at 77 lbs. Very few anglers fish there (hence the name) and it’s not an area that we ever see much sign of any fish activity. When we drain down it’s easy to see why as there is a large amount of thick gloopy silt deposited here and I guess they just don’t like it, or at least they have areas that are simply better. So it was very nice to see one coming out of that area, good angling Jules!

On Thursday, Jules had nipped back to the house leaving Rick watching the rods when Jules’s middle rod burst into life. Jules did have a remote with him but what with all the trees, the signal didn’t make it through and he was totally unaware of the bite! 

Luckily Rick was on it and yelled to Jules for help. The rod was positioned out of point ‘B’ tight to the island margin, underneath the overhanging fir tree. As the rod arched over, it was pretty obvious this was a very powerful fish and its first instinct was to move along the island margin and cut Rick off on the corner of the island. Rick did unbelievably well to stop this run. Jules returned soon after and was able to take up the battle. It took 25 minutes before they were able to net the creature.

The next problem was how to lift it! This is when you really need three people but Rick and Jules managed it (just about!) and got the beast onto the mat. On the scales it weighed a 103 lbs which makes it the 2nd three figure catfish landed this year. Well done chaps, great teamwork 👏

With an early departure on Saturday morning, Friday was to be the last day of fishing. It was a lovely way to finish with each of them banking a mid-thirty. They’ve always wanted to bank one of our 40s and they have come close but even if you are doing everything right, fishing well at the right time of year, catching 40s doing days only is not easy. The good news is that they’ll have another spin of the wheel next spring ❤️

Rigs & bait

On the rig front everyone stuck with my tried and tested blowback multi rig that is very popular with guests. There’s not many rigs that are capable of routinely catching fish from 10 lbs to 100 lbs+ but this rig can. It’s not suitable for every venue of course. I wouldn’t take it to the river or a large reservoir but for the type of fishing we do at the lake, it just works!

On the bait front, Andy and Rick stuck to their favourite Scopex Squid grubbing mix and Jules to his tiger nut and particle approach. Jules certainly did well with the carp with the tigers but it didn’t stop one of our massive catfish nailing his rig. Although Jules isn’t a big fan of the species, judging by his reaction, I think he really enjoyed the experience. It’s a hell of a thing to catch a fish that is taller than you are!

The guys had a really good week fishing, they caught consistently and they broke a few PBs along the way. Good work guys. It was a pleasure to see you as always and we are already looking forward to seeing you again next spring!

Brief details of your catches:

10x Mirror38lbs, 37lbs, 36lbs 5oz, 33lbs, 31lbs, 28lbs, 25lbs, 25lbs, 25lbs 5oz, 24lbs
1x Common: 34lbs 5oz, 33lbs 5oz
3x Catfish: 103lbs, 77lbs, 67lbs

10 small cats

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