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A wonderful family holiday with carp to nearly 40lbs

This week we welcomed back Luke and his fiance Sarah, along with Luke’s mum and dad, David and Joyce. This would be their 3rd visit to us over a period of 6 years and it was wonderful to see them all again. Everyone fishes except Joyce and since they discovered our little piece of paradise, they haven’t fished anywhere else! 

On arrival we did the lake tour and I brought them up to speed with the latest developments. As usual they were very relaxed about the whole trip and whatever happened, they were going to have a good holiday so we left them to settle in.

Another fantastic relaxing week at Beausoleil. We enjoy each visit more and more and can’t wait for our 4th time! Following Matt’s tactics and advice we had a cracking week of fishing which was a nice bonus.

Change of procedure

Due to the prolonged period of high water temperatures, we are asking that all fish remain in the water. There’s no point in putting the fish through the stress of weighing at this time of year and all photography can be done in the water. If you are visiting us this summer, please bring your waders with you but there’s also a spare pair in the fishing shed.

It’s a good start!

After the long drive the guys took a bit of time to set up camp and get going and by Monday they were fishing with purpose. Luke was the first off the mark with two nice mirrors. As we’d asked the guys not to weigh the fish we are rather sketchy on weights this week but they were around the 30lb mark and the next night Luke had more of the same with another decent mirror.

Sarah joins the party

I called round Tuesday to see the guys and seconds after I strolled into the swim, Sarah’s left hand burst into life. She wound down and hit it but didn’t connect. She was using the blowback multi and it was obvious that she’d been done. Luckily she got a 2nd bite of the cherry as 30 seconds later, her right hander was away and this time she was met with solid resistance. This resulted in her first of the trip again at around the upper twenty mark.

Sarah went onto to bank another nice common from home swim and she was particularly happy to meet Sammy the Sturgeon in the small hours of the morning just 2 hrs before wind in. Fair play for pushing on through right to the end. You go girl!

Better late than never for Dave

Dave is possibly one of the most relaxed anglers I’ve ever met. He just loves fishing and catching is a bonus which is definitely the right way round. Rather than bother with a night time water shot, Dave chose to slip his common straight back.

Fun down the shallows

As soon as the sun is properly up and everyone is thinking about breakfast, the carp move down to the shallows each day to enjoy the warm, nutrient rich water. They aren’t always easy to catch down this end despite their obvious presence but if you have the right approach it’s not too tricky. Both Luke and Sarah picked up bonus fish from the home swim which has fished really well over the last two weeks.

Rigs & bait

David prefers the classic mono D rig and stuck with this during his session. Luke and Sarah fished with the blowback multi rig. Luke absolutely loved how easy it is to make this rig and to swap the hooks out and it accounted for all his captures. If you’ve missed the video on this here’s the link: https://youtu.be/7VlmNHg0BD0. The lead system for all rods was a free running inline.

The guys used all of the items from the Scopex Squid range. Everything from the flake, right up to the 24mm baits. Luke found that the 24mm Scopex was more selective with the carp (against the small catfish). They did try 15mm wafters which worked well the week before but they found that the kittens loved to play with them a little too much!

Along with the Scopex Squid the guys topped up with some of the new Nash particles range. These items will be added to the bait form as soon as we get more in stock. They also used plenty of our house pellets in their mixes.

Zero losses

It was another excellent week with zero losses. Rather than bother trying to sharpen their own hooks, the guys relied on the Nash Chod Twister straight out of the packet. As long as you use these at a rate of one per chuck, hook sharpening is a thing of the past.

They can’t wait to come back!

It was yet another very successful trip for this super lovely family. Luke even found the time to play with his drone and took this amazing picture of the venue. Joyce had a very relaxing time and did a wonderful job of feeding the troops in style. It was great to see them all again and we look forward to helping them make more great memories in the future. 

PS Our very best wishes to Luke and & Sarah who are getting married in a few weeks. Something else that’s been cancelled more than once over the last few years!
PPS Thanks for the treats 


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