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A cold wet and miserable week’s fishing that ended in glory with carp to 49lbs and a 102lbs catfish

This week we welcomed back Mark & Des to the venue for their 2nd visit. Last time, they came with their wives and the guys loved it so much they couldn’t wait to return and they leapt at the chance of one of our spring weeks.

Traditionally we’ve had some excellent early season sessions here but the weather still has a role to play. The weather we get is not too dissimilar to the UK and you don’t need me to tell you just how wet it’s been of late!

For the first half of the week, the whole lake simply shut down and the guys didn’t even get a pickup until Wednesday!

Now I’ve welcomed thousands of anglers in the last 13 years and I have seen the weather break a few of them. I know the seeds of doubt were starting to creep in on Wednesday morning but the guys kept on track, kept the faith and when the weather swung, the runs came.

In fact they had three out in the daytime on Wednesday alone! Keeping your head in these situations is not easy but the guys stuck to what they knew and when the temperature warmed, the chances came.

The weather was very grim again on Thursday but it was much milder. The lake level continued to rise as water poured in from the lakes above. By Thursday lunchtime I’d written off the chances of another bite and was half expecting a message to say they’d had enough and were off home. I really wouldn’t have blamed them if they did!

Although there was nothing in the way of signs of life or activity (that’s not uncommon in these conditions), Des noticed that a different sluice (sluice 2 as we call it), was now running and figured that this change would attract a carp or two into the area. Well he wasn’t wrong!

Shortly after, Des messaged me with not one but two carp close to the 50lbs mark! One of which was the most sought after Perla who only comes out once/maybe twice a year tops. She normally likes warmer conditions but there’s a first time for everything. What a great piece of angling mate, fair play!

The guys had to head off early so Thursday night was their last go and nothing more was added to the score sheet. Typically the weather lifted on Friday but it was too little too late and that was it for this session. It was great to see the lads back again and we hope to see them here again in the future.

Brief details of your catches:

4x Mirror carp: 48lbs 7oz, 29lbs 13oz, 26lbs 13oz, 23lbs
1x Grass carp: 48lbs
1x Catfish: 102lbs 3oz

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