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Another blisteringly hot week with carp to 30lbs

This week we welcomed Michael & Jean to the venue for their first trip. They had been looking forward to it for some time and were very excited to finally make it. I kept the lake tour reasonably brief as Michael had booked a tuition on Sunday.

Tuition day

Michael is an experienced angler but had only fished in France a few times previously. This trip was not about breaking records or catching loads. This was firstly a holiday but also an excellent opportunity to become a better angler. Michael had really done his homework and was extremely well researched (thanks to our YouTube channel). Michael’s rig tying skills were already very good and we were able to make a few additional improvements to his approach.

Michael particularly enjoyed the “carp science” session as he keeps koi in a 1600 gallon tank. He also loved the lake tour and understood how difficult these features would be to find without a bit of extra help.

A relaxed approach

Michael got the rods out sometime on Monday. He was fishing days only and he was also here to have a proper holiday with Jean. This included multiple day trips to the local towns and some nice lunches. It was 30 degrees when they arrived and the forecast was a steady temperature during the week. From Wednesday onwards we saw the mercury climb to 38 degrees which is a bit blooming hot for carp fishing!

Out of the blue

Michael had met a few of the kittens which can be a pain at this time of year. He’d also been done a few times and struck and missed at a few savage liners (all pretty standard for this time of year really). His one carp came at 2pm on Wednesday afternoon. It was a very clean 30lb (un-weighed) common. After a quick water shot he was quickly released with minimum fuss.

Loved every second of it!

Okay so on the catch front there’s not exactly much of a story to tell. What really matters is that Michael and Jean loved the venue, loved the area, loved the service we provide and really enjoyed pitting their wits against our wily carp! Tackling Beausoleil for the first time, for 3 days only, during a heat wave was never going to be easy so well done to Michael for staying in the game and working hard at solving the problem. Michael and Jean had the holiday they wanted though and are already looking forward to their return trip next year 😊

PS – No catch report next week as we’ve had a last minute cancellation

Catch report & Feedback from:

Michael and Jean
Dates at Beausoleil: 6th to 13th of August 2022
Number of anglers: 1

Brief details of your catches:

1 common carp (about 30lbs)
3 small catfish

What did you find were the best swims/tactics/baits?

Due to hot weather, flexibility was key. Tried something different each day.

How was the weather?

Very hot, mid 30's!

How did you find the accommodation?


What could we do to improve your holiday?

Nothing, you have thought of everything

Would you recommend our venue to a friend?

Yes, without hesitation

General comments

Matt & Ren were excellent hosts, felt at home from day 1. Beautiful location.

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