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The week of 7 September 2024 is now available

A tricky couple of weeks for our solo angler with carp to 44lbs

This week we welcomed Peter and Janet to the venue for the first time. After multiple changes of plan, they were delighted just to be here as they were long overdue a break away from their busy lives.


Peter had booked me for a “full monty” tuition session. I used to do these sessions in one continuous 30 hr session but nowadays we split it over a day and half which is more productive. Peter works away for long periods at a time so his angling time is very precious. He’s been carp fishing for years but really wanted to use this opportunity to raise his game and make that big leap forward. As the tuition was only for Peter I was able to cover anything and everything he needed.

Solid PVA bags

As Peter was fishing solo it was important for me to establish from the very beginning where he was at with his fishing. Peter doesn’t use a bait boat and was a little nervous about rowing rigs out so plan ‘A’ was always going to be casting the rigs out. After a few chucks it was clear that Peter would struggle to hit 40 yards and the whole feeling of the lead down bit was going to take some time to master. If this sounds like you then the very best plan of attack is to master solid PVA bags. So that’s what we focussed on. We went through the lead system, the rig, hookbaits and how to tie the bags. Peter was also absolutely fascinated by the hour we spent on fishery science. It’s just not the sort of stuff that you’ll get from anywhere else and will go a long way to explaining just why carp fishing is the way it is sometimes.

New PB mirror!

The next morning I got the message I’d hoped for. After the many hours of prep that we did, the magic had happened and Peter had caught himself a new PB carp. At 44lbs it was nearly twice as large as his previous best carp and needless to say Peter was very very happy. I left Peter to continue with his fishing in total privacy for a few days and popped back for a follow up session later in the week. After the positive start, things had gone very quiet. The fish were active but playing hard ball. For this tuition session we focussed on Peter’s casting technique. Within 30 minutes I’d doubled his range to 80 yards and he was now at risk of putting them in the trees which was a new sensation for him! During the 2nd week Peter managed to meet the sturgeon (another first) but the carp gods had decided that there was to be no more bars of gold to be had.

A lovely time

Peter and Janet are super lovely folk and they absolutely loved their time with us. Peter wasn’t bothered in the slightest about the tough fishing. He’d caught two new species, the biggest carp of his life and his carp angling skills had come on leaps and bounds. Janet really didn’t want to leave. If you like absolute peace and tranquility then Beausoleil is the place for you. It’s great to know they’d love to return and we are very much looking forward to meeting them again one day.

Brief details of your catches:

1 mirror carp of 44lbs
1 small catfish
1 sturgeon

What did you find were the best swims/tactics/baits?

Only used PVA bags

How was the weather?

Weather was good, mainly dry and bright during the day

How did you find the accommodation?

Well equipped and comfortable

What could we do to improve your holiday?

Dishwasher would be nice, fortunately, I brought mine with me 😊

Would you recommend our venue to a friend?

Absolutely YES!

General comments

Hosts most helpful and welcoming. Tuition was great and very informative. My casting is less embarrassing now! Had a fantastic relaxing break, many thanks Matt and Ren.

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