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A good week’s fishing with a nice number of carp to 32lbs and a 60lb catfish

This week we welcomed Ross and Matt to the venue for their first trip to France. Matt has only recently returned to the sport but Ross has been carp fishing for quite a few years. The guys didn’t ask for any support so after a thorough rig inspection and testing and a tour around the lake on arrival I left them to it.

When I called back Wednesday it was great to hear how Ross had managed to land his first ever big catfish. It was high on his bucket list and one of the reasons he’d chosen the venue. Things got a bit dicey as they often do and they did have to take to the boat. Luckily they followed my advice to get the boat to another margin and take up the battle from where they were able to safely land it. Well done mate, well angled 👍

Ross told me that he lost two more catfish but after I listened to what happened, I’m not sure he even hooked them. Without an indicator lead system, you can’t be sure. Ross also banked the sturgeon, a 32lb mirror and 4 x 20s. Matt also upped his PB by 10lb with a nice 32lb mirror. By the end of the week he’d added 3 more 20s to his score sheet.

The average carp size was low this week but I’ve seen this before post spawning. A lake such as ours just doesn’t pump out 30s and 40s every single week although many weeks we see catches such as these.

On the rig and bait front the guys mostly used my classic Beausoleil rig or a swivel based shock and run lead system. Bait was Scopex Squid, flake, pellets and plenty of catfish pellets.

As they wanted the big cats they did have to wade through a fair few kittens in the pursuit of the larger specimens. At the end of the day it’s a numbers’ game 😊

Congratulations guys, very good angling for your first trip and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

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