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From 2021, we are expanding our bait offering to give more choice for anglers who can’t bring bait to France anymore, now that the UK is not in the EU. Alongside our very successful home rolled Beausoleil boilies, we are now offering the premium range of Nash boilies, flake, hook baits, pop-ups and liquids.

The Beausoleil range

These handmade, freshly rolled baits have been hugely successful over the last 5 years. Available in three flavours: The Shrimp & Cray is a full on fishmeal that’s good for carp or cats. Nutty Banoffee is a heavenly mix of roasted peanuts and tiger nuts and has been our biggest seller. The Garlic Special is a 100% veggie bait, based on the Nutty Banoffee, but with the fishmeal element removed. It was designed to be a little more selective and aimed at the carp rather than the cats when used sparingly.

Nash Scopex Squid

I’ve selected the Nash Scopex Squid due to its high protein content of 30%. This raises it far above the normal protein content for commercial bait of 15-20%. Developed by Gary Bayes who fooled the UK’s very first 60lb carp with it, Scopex Squid has been supplied under the radar to the top guys for many years and has accounted for an incredible string of massive fish. I’ve been testing it all year and I’ve had my best season debut ever with 8 different Beausoleil 40’s. I’m sure that the Scopex Squid range is going to be hugely popular with guests and I’m really looking forward to seeing just how many more 40s this bait will account for this year. Available in resealable 5kg bags (18mm) alongside 5kg bags of flake, hookbaits, pop-ups, pellets and liquids.

Nash Citruz

I’ve selected the Nash Citruz due to its ability to catch carp during periods of cold weather or when bites are hard to find. Protein level is relatively low at 19% but that’s exactly what I’m looking for in an early or late season bait. It’s only available in 1kg bags as you really don’t need much of it. Citruz is all about nicking a quick bite when the carp don’t want to feed much. I’ve primarily used pop ups cast to showing fish and dotted a few freebies far and wide. This has proven to be highly effective during the daylight hours in the silty shallows. I’ve had bites so quickly I hadn’t even clipped the bobbin on! Available in 1kg bags (18mm) alongside 1kg bags of flake, hookbaits, pop-ups and pellets.

Bait packages

In order to give customers the best value, we’re now offering bait packages. The Scopex Squid package is designed to give you a full bait arsenal that’s perfect for carp or cats. The Citruz package is aimed at those anglers that prefer to target carp only using a small quantity of bait. The catfish package doesn’t need much explaining. Our catfish are absolute suckers for big boilies fished over large beds of high quality fishmeal pellets.

Carp Pellets

These 100% vegetarian pellets are fully formed at 7mm with a high water resistance which means they stay whole for longer. They are guaranteed 100% sinking and at 24% protein these are suitable for use all year round. Used regularly in large quantities, they will keep the carp visiting your spots all week long.

Catfish Pellets

These high protein, low oil, fishmeal pellets in 15mm  are one of the quickest and most effective ways of encouraging large catfish to come and dine at your table. When used in large quantities in combination with a scattering of Scopex Squid boilies, it’s usually only a matter of time before one of our monster catfish will pay you a visit.

Beausoleil rigs

Our carp are exceptionally good at ejecting rigs. Over the last five years, I’ve developed a variety of rigs that the carp find very hard to deal with. Time and time again, these rigs have turned a session around for anglers. I make each one by hand and take the same amount of time and trouble as I would do if I was going to fish with it myself.

Rig options includes: Matt’s magic mono rigs, classic supple braid rigs, dedicated catfish rigs and the ever versatile multi rig.

Use our bait and accessories form to order any items you require ahead of your holiday.

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