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The week of 11 July is available for £995 only, full refund if travel restrictions are still in place.

Equipment available for use during your holiday

We provide a full range of fish handling equipment as well as specialist catfish sling and mats to ensure fish safety on the bank.

3 x large wheeled carp barrows with bungees (Nash, Trakker & Fox)

4 x Trakker XL Retainer slings

2 x Fox Deluxe XL carp cradles

2 x Nash Monster carp cradles

2 x two man weigh bars

1 x heavy duty weigh crook

1 x Nash weighing tripod (200lbs test)

1 x Reuben Heaton weigh scales (120lbs)

1 x Catmaster continental catfish weigh sling

2 x Catmaster continental ground cover sheets

2 x Catmaster continental catfish mats with fish retaining flap

4 x heavy rubberised catfish handling gloves

4 x 10kg capacity black lidded bait buckets

1 x 100 litre capacity bait freezer

1 x rowing boat with oars (anglers must bring their own life jacket)

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