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Explore the lake and the swims

The Beausoleil estate lake is 4 acres in size and set in 6 acres of woodland.

The lake was originally dug over 50 years ago on the path of an old stream and underground springs. Depths range from 3 to 8 ft and the bottom is a mix of sand, gravel, clay and silt with very little weed growth. The lake is feature rich with a large variety of open water and marginal spots. You will find plenty of hidden features when you explore the lake from the rowing boat with a prodding stick (both provided on site).

At a glance

The water is permanently coloured by healthy green algae so rig camouflage is not necessary.

The spring and stream constantly feed the lake with fresh clean water and even during severe drought, the level barely drops.

All the swims are wide, flat and gravelled. You will have plenty of space for casting and fish playing.

The swims are easily accessed along well maintained paths and bridges. Car access is possible to some swims.

To find out more about the key features and tactics for each swim, click on a swim name on the map below.

lake-map lake-map
Home Swim
The Oaks Swim
Island (stalking only)
Island Point
The Big Double
Catfish Corner
Point Swims
Channel Swim