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The week of 7 September 2024 is now available

How to fish from the Catfish Corner swim

Despite its name, this swim produces some good sized carp as well as catfish. The margins are snag free and landing fish from the swim is straightforward. Despite the fact that it has produced some nice fish, this swim is under fished. With plenty to go at, you can spend a number of days and nights angling here. This is definitely a swim from which you can target the big catfish.

The swim at a glance:

Location: Eastern margin on the dam wall, depths: 4 to 7 ft
Main features: Tree lined margins, multiple hard gravel bars and spots in open water

Fishing tactics

You have plenty of hard and firm spots to target the catfish within easy casting range. You should avoid the areas of heavy chod and deep silt.

The swim provides excellent access to the very productive right hand margin where the fish patrol daily.


The carp show regularly in front of this swim as well as along the margin to the left. You can target them with singles as well as beds of bait.

At the right time of year carp can be found feeding heavily on blood worm beds to the right of the swim.