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How to fish from the Channel swim

This is an under fished swim which, when properly fished, has produced some excellent catches. It responds well to a stealthy approach and spreads of bait along the island margin opposite work well. You need to fish with slack lines in this corner or the carp won’t come anywhere near you. This is a great swim to spread your rods out and cover different features.

The swim at a glance:

Location: Southern margin, mid way along the back of the island, depths of 3 to 4 ft
Main features: Tree lined island margin opposite and bridge to your left

Fishing tactics

From this swim, there is plenty of island margin to fish to but depths vary so you need to explore properly before casting or boating rigs out.

Spread baits along the island margin and under the overhanging trees to force them to move from bait to bait.

During the summer, the fish love hanging out around the bridge area. They are easily spooked in the shallow water so stealth is important.

Don’t forget to fish locked up as the fish will be straight through the bridge otherwise.