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The week of 7 September 2024 is now available

How to fish from the Home swim

A great swim to dip in and out of but not one to spend a full week in. Only a few yards from the house,  it is a good spot for a “bring a rod party” while dinner or a barbeque is being prepared. Despite being feature rich, this swim does not see a huge amount of angling pressure. This is not a swim for the faint hearted as most hooked carp and catfish will head for the bridge or aerator. Fishing locked up with strong gear and nerves of steel are the order of the day!

The swim at a glance:

North west corner, 40 yards in front of the house, depths of 3 to 4 ft
Main features: Tree lined margins, island, bridge and aerator

Fishing tactics

During the summer, the fish love hanging out around the bridge area to your right, and in fact this is the area where they like to spawn in the spring.

They are easily spooked in the shallow water so stealth is important. Don’t forget to fish locked up as they will be straight through the bridge otherwise.

The area around the aerator is rock hard. You can see the carp knocking the poles from time to time as they use them as rubbing posts.

The right margin close to the bridge and the inlet stream is a productive spot which responds well to a carefully placed rowed out bait.