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The week of 11 July is available for £995 only, full refund if travel restrictions are still in place.

How to fish from the Island

During the summer, stalking is an extremely effective method of catching big carp. There are loads of great spots on the island and along snake bank. Just use a normal bottom bait rig and lower it in right in front of their noses. A decent rig and ultra sharp hook can result in a very quick bite!

The swim at a glance:

Location: Island margin, depths: 3 to 4 ft
Main features: Plenty of trees along the margin

Fishing tactics

Using a single rod and a landing net, it is possible to stalk carp right from underneath your feet along the island margin.

Pre-bait spots in advance or just lower a rig in and wait for it to roar off. A short stalking rod is an advantage but not necessary.