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How to fish from the Big Double swim

There is a lot to go at in this swim as it provides access to the main body of the lake. It has produced many big carp and plenty of massive catfish. If you can get them going over beds of bait or a spread of boilies, good catches can be made. The swim is fished regularly but continues to be a consistent performer throughout the year. The margins are snag free and this is definitely a swim from which you can target the big cats.

The swim at a glance:

Location: Southern margin, overlooking the main body of the lake, depths: 3 to 9 ft
Main features: Far tree lined margin, multiple hard gravel bars and spots in open water

Fishing tactics

This swim gives you access to plenty of features, both marginal and open water, so you can really mix your approach and your tactics.

You have plenty of hard or firm spots to target within easy casting range right in front of you. Avoid areas of heavy chod and deep silt.


The far margin is very productive. You can spread bait along the margin to force the carp to hunt along it, moving from bait to bait.

Do not ignore the dam wall margin on the right, especially around the sluice area, it is also a productive spot.