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Now that the 2013 carp fishing season is finished, the winter work program is well underway. Forestry management is a big part of fishery management – Matt gives an update on progress this winter.

After the anglers have gone, the carp and catfish can have a well-earned rest and we can get to work on continuing to improve the venue. For the last three years, forestry management has been the main focus of our winter work. Trees need felling and limbing for all sorts of different reasons: safety, more casting and fish playing clearance, reducing amount of leaves on the water and increasing light levels. Some of this work we undertake ourselves and some we contract out to a local team of arborists who have the skills and equipment to perform the work swiftly and safely in the difficult-to-access areas of the lake.


Felling the poplars along the south bank of the lake

Our first big project this winter has been to remove 25 poplar trees along the south bank. Poplars grow quickly but when they reach a certain size they can become porous. Felling the trees has dramatically increased the light levels for the lake which is good news for the health of the fish. It has also reduced the quantity of annual leaf drop which can be a problem for any aquatic environment. If you’ve visited the fishery you’ll know that behind the poplars runs a very attractive line of mature oak trees. These have been left to maintain the beauty of the lake but some branches have been cut back so that none overhang the swims. The tree felling work has generated a massive quantity of wood and with the help of friends and neighbours; hopefully all this will be cut and split for fire wood before Christmas.

carp-lake-france-winter-workWe are totally committed to the continued development of Beausoleil and hope that our clients enjoy the benefits of our work for many years to come.

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