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I developed this rig specifically for use at my lake in France, Beausoleil. I wanted something that was very safe, easy to tie and used as few components as possible. It also had to be super strong, suitable for the variety of bottoms present and effective for the fish within the lake (carp ranging in size from 20-50lb and catfish from 50-100lb). This article shows you how to tie it.

Rig Components:

  • Korda size 4 wide gape X
  • Kryston Supernova 25lb
  • Size 8 swivel
  • Korda 3oz  flat pear (with insert removed)
  • Korda anti tangle tube (to replace the insert)
  • Mainline 15lb GR60

How to tie this semi-fixed inline carp rig:

semi fixed inline carp rig - make a loop knot

Step 1: From the spool of braid, take a fresh cut end and thread it through the front side of the eye of the hook. Then make a 30mm long loop (loop size = 1.5 x bait size) and tie a simple overhand knot. Trim off the excess.

semi fixed inline carp rig - mount the baits

Step 2: Now take a baiting needle and thread on the two 20mm baits. The overhand knot will be positioned in the middle of the bait on the right and lock it in place (if you don’t do this, the bait on the right will slide and interfere with the hook, impairing the rig).

semi fixed inline carp rig - whip down the shank

Step 3: Now whip anti clockwise from the eye down the shank and stop when the braid is perpendicular to the point. As you can see the gap between the bend of the hook and the first bait is around 10mm.

semi fixed inline carp rig - whip under the hair

Step 4: Now flip the baits over so that they hang towards the eye and whip twice under the braid.

semi fixed inline carp rig - the finished rig

Step 5: To finish, cut off 350mm or 14” of braid and continue whipping once more over the first whip (in the same anti clockwise direction), but behind where the braid exits the hook shank whip, then pass through the back side of the eye. This final stage helps lock the knot and prevents it from slipping.

In Part 3, we’ll look at some tests to do at this stage and I’ll demonstrate how and why it works.

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