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Where is Beausoleil located in Northern France?

Located on the edge of the Bretagne region and set in the picturesque surroundings of the Mayenne countryside, Beausoleil is conveniently located in North West France with excellent access to all the major ferry ports.  The nearest ferry port of Saint Malo is a mere 90mn trip with no toll roads.

Distances, using motorways, from the ferry ports

Saint Malo 76 miles (1h30mn)
Caen 90 miles (2h15mn)

Cherbourg 120 miles (2h45mn)
Le Havre 130 miles (3hrs)

Dieppe 220 miles (3hr30mn)
Calais 300 miles (5h30mn)

Travelling to Beausoleil

There are several options for travel to Northern France. All are a balance of time, convenience and cost. Here are the most popular ones:

● Brittany Ferries provides overnight crossings from Portsmouth to Saint Malo or Caen. You will arrive at 7.30 or 8.30am, then you will only have a 1h30 to 2h30 journey to the venue which will give you time to stock up with food in time for your arrival at 2.30pm.

● Dover – Calais via ferry or the Channel Tunnel is a cheaper option but you then have a 5hr drive with €35-€40 of tolls.

Putting the postcode of Beausoleil in your Sat Nav will not take you to the fishery. In France, post codes cover a wide area, very often a whole village, so we’ll send you full location details and Sat Nav directions in your booking pack when you make your final holiday payment.

In order to drive through certain cities, a valid Crit’Air air quality certificate must be displayed on your vehicle. You can find where the low emission zones in France are on this website: https://urbanaccessregulations.eu/countries-mainmenu-147/france

You can get your sticker online on the official French government website: https://www.certificat-air.gouv.fr/certificat. Prices start at €3.70, plus postage. 

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