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Another eight fine specimens are introduced to the venue to add to our stock of beautiful mirrors.

To further add to the fabulous selection of specimens we already have, we’ve introduced eight brand new carp this winter. These carp are from the same source as the 2016 stocking and are of the Czech Royale strain. These virgin carp have been growing steadily on naturals for years in a low density biomass environment but don’t worry they get the hang of picking up boilies very quickly! With the lake temperature just about holding over 6 degrees we’ve already started them on a boilie only feeding program.

New mirror carp of 29lbs

The Duchess a mirror carp of 34lbs 2oz

Size wise the carp have been stocked at weights between 27lbs and 34lbs and it won’t be long before all of them are at least 30lbs. For us it’s not just about the lbs and ounces, these carp have been hand selected by us for their looks as much as what they weigh, as you can see in our fish gallery. Top quality heavily scaled carp are in very short supply in France but through our fishery management consultant we are lucky to have access to such fish.

New 29lbs 8oz mirror carp

New mirror carp at Beausoleil

We very much look forward to seeing some of these beauties proudly held up for their photo this year and know just how much they’ll mean to anglers that are lucky enough to catch them.

Nugget a mirror carp of 29lbs 4oz

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