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Another six fine specimens are added to Beausoleil to continue to enhance our stock of beautiful mirrors.

We started introducing carp from the Czech Royale strain a couple of years ago and we’ve been delighted with how well they’ve come on in their new environment. Czech Royales are renowned for their big frames and good growth rates. Two of the carp already stocked have piled on as much as 5lbs per year (year on year) which is fantastic news.

Merlin at 28lbs 4oz mirror carp

Last year we chose specimens that were heavily scaled. Who doesn’t enjoy catching one of them from time to time! This year we were looking for more sparsely scaled specimens as it’s these that have the ability to grow into truly large carp.

Helix at 29lbs 8oz mirror carp

These carp are raised in massive, low biomass lakes that are never fished. The carp grow on natural food only (these are not pellet raised pigs!).

Orion at 25lbs 8oz mirror carp

Once stocked they quickly accept boilies and pellets as a food source and start piling on the pounds!

This winter, we’ve introduced another six of these handpicked, virgin, specimens. Ranging in size from 25lbs to 30lbs these beauties are sure put a big smile on any angler lucky enough to catch one!

Peppercorn at 30lbs mirror carp

Tangerine at 27lbs 8oz mirror carp

Split Tail at 25lbs mirror carp

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