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Learn how to tie the best fishing knot for attaching braid, coated braid or mono to a swivel (with easy to follow video)

This article and video will give you step by step instructions on how to tie a swivel to your braid or mono line with the five turn double grinner knot.

Do you know where the name “grinner” came from? The knot was invented by Dick Walker. Apparently grinner was the nickname of his son: he was working on the knot when the lad walked into the room with a massive grin on his face. It’s a nice story even if it’s not true!

The best knot for attaching your fishing line (mono and braid) to a swivel:

The 5 turn grinner knot is good for carp fishing because it’s quite universal and will work with a variety of fishing lines. Bear in mind that all lines respond differently to various knots.

► The best knot for fluorocarbon line for example is the blood knot because of the stiffness of the material. However, the blood knot is rubbish for mono.

► The 5 turn grinner can be used for mono and braid and some combi materials although I’d always follow the advice supplied by the manufacturer. Kryston are particular good at this and supply a nice little instruction packet covering all the various recommended knots for the line purchased.

The grinner knot is not difficult to tie and can be used to tie the mainline to swivels as well as rigs to swivels. You shouldn’t use a blood knot to connect your line to the swivel (you might get away with in on your local water but I guarantee you won’t at Beausoleil or other French lakes).

My favourite braid:

Follow these 5 steps for tying the double grinner knot

how to tie the grinner knot step by step

Step 1: Start by passing the braided line line twice through the eye of the hook.

how to tie the five turn grinner knot step 2

Step 2 : Form a loop with the line (make sure the loop is made the correct way round and that the tail exits away from the swivel).

five turn grinner knot before tightening step 3

Step 3 : Now from left to right, whip through the loop and around the loop and main strand 5 times.

how to tie the grinner knot for carp fishing step 4

Step 4: Gently tighten the knot and moisten with saliva before tightening. By pulling alternately on the tag end and then the rig end, you can neatly bed the knot home.

testing the grinner knot for carp fishing

Step 5: Use a rig puller and leather glove to finally tighten the knot.

Now: Pull as hard as you can.

If you can break it by hand, it’s no good and should be done again. Be very careful not to slip as this is a classic time for the hook to embed itself deep in your hand!

I hate to see anglers loose fish and when the root cause is down to something as basic as poor knots skills, it’s a real eye opener. If testing knots is something you don’t do, then please give it a go as it’s fundamental to success.

It is your responsibility as an angler to choose the right materials and test every spool before use and every knot you tie.

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