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The week of 11 July is available for £995 only, full refund if travel restrictions are still in place.

While we’ve been at the lake, it’s been an amazing spring to watch how the carp behave naturally in their environment. Over a number of weeks, we’ve seen them jump, relax and spawn.

So, follow us on a journey into the “Carp Life” of Beausoleil and you’ll get a chance to see these stunning creatures, up close and personal, near the surface, enjoying their home environment. With dramatic jumps, private chill time, social interaction and spawning you’ll get a really good insight into how these creatures move and interact with one another. Set in amazingly beautiful surroundings, you’ll also meet a few of the other creatures that are happy to call Beausoleil their home.

Fancy a fishing holiday at Beausoleil Carp and Cats?

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